When people reach their fifties, try to “get close” to these people, they are blessed, it is your good fortune

There is a saying that if you get close to someone, you can have What a blessing.

The person who is close to you is a villain, and that villain will only bring you bad luck and right and wrong, and make you overwhelmed Get caught up in mundane things. And the person who is close is a gentleman, and a gentleman may tell you bluntly, and will give you a hand, so that you can see the light in the darkness.

There is such a theory of “wine and sewage”.

A barrel of wine is mixed with a drop of sewage, then the barrel of wine becomes sewage. And if a drop of wine is mixed in a bucket of sewage, then the bucket of sewage is still sewage.

Same reason. You are a blessed person, who knows that if you are haunted by a villain, your blessing will disappear. You are a temporarily downcast person, who knows that you may get up when you meet a noble person.

When you get close to someone, you will get some kind of breath, and your own magnetic field will also change to a certain extent.

Integrate with the warm and watery magnetic field, and your own magnetic field will “come with sweet dew after a long drought”; with the cold and gloomy magnetic field Combined, your own magnetic field will be “bitingly cold”.

When people reach the age of fifty, try to “get closer” to these people. They are blessed, and they are your blessings.

One, close to the “guidance” people.

There is such a word among the people-The noble guides the way.

When people encounter insurmountable difficulties, it is equivalent to reaching a “fork in the road”. , No one knows, so many people will hesitate, so that energy and time are wasted.

Actually,There is no need for people to “hesitant” so much, and go all the way according to the most original feeling, I believe that there will definitely be “noble people” ahead to guide us.

There is a saying that, after all, someone will be waiting for you at a certain station in front of you, giving you the most useful tips.

What the nobleman said when he gave directions is generally “one sentence is worth a hundred sentences”. Countless bosses went up just by relying on a word, and the blue clouds went straight up, like rocs flying with the wind.

When you reach fifty, even if you are in a difficult situation, don’t scare yourself, go as far as possible, “Guide the way “The person appeared.

Second, close to “Kindness in Heart” people.

If we are with good people, we will be good people. With bad people, even if we are good people, we will be assimilated into bad people. The word “assimilation” has always been a problem that ordinary people cannot get rid of.

Some people will say, when I get along with villains, as long as I keep my heart pure, I can definitely keep my kindness. Who knows, these people have also become villains.

Some words, just lie to yourself. In the face of the “assimilation” of the group, the individual cannot stay out of it. How many people have changed from being good to evil. So, who can make it clear?

When you reach a certain age, it’s time to stay away from those villains whose heart is evil. If you can, get close to good people who “have good intentions,” They may be honest, but they definitely make us feel “real” affection.

Especially in this magical age, it is very easy to be contaminated with hostility, but to keep the “truth, goodness and beauty” in your heart “But it’s hard. Countless people have lost to reality and the villains around them.

Communicate more with “kind-hearted” people and establish a certain relationship. In the later stage, we will find that this is all Foresight.

Third, close to the “emphasis on love and righteousness” people.

What exactly is a “friend”?

Some people think that people who can eat and drink together are friends; some people think that colleagues who meet in the workplace are friends ; Some people think that a friend is a friend who can chat.

These three concepts are very common. Perhaps, we ourselves are such people.

But in fact,A real friend is not a friend who eats together, nor does it meet each other Passers-by, let alone strangers who can chat, are precisely people who “emphasize love and righteousness”.

You value the feelings for me, and I value the friendship for you. Both sides value and cherish each other, then the relationship is It will last for a long time, not like the feeling of passing by, which is hypocritical and fragile.

There is such a saying in Jianghu: “To make friends, you must look at love, to do business, you must look at profits, and to conduct yourself in the world must be taught.”< /span>

Whether it is making friends or doing things, you have to find the “core”. In this way, the blessings for the rest of your life will gradually increase.

Fourth, close to “broad thinking” people.

If we want to live a more sober life, or find someone to cooperate with and do some business, then who should we turn to?

The first thing ordinary people think of is to find relatives. Generally speaking, when doing business and doing things in cooperation, you cannot find relatives who are related by blood, and you will basically “lose but not gain”.

Really smart people will find “broad-minded” people to work together. Whether a person’s thinking is narrow or broad will not only affect himself, but also affect those around him.

It’s like Liu Bei met Zhuge Liang when he was almost five years old. Zhuge Liang’s “Longzhong Right” opened Liu Bei’s mind and made him know how to work hard.

Imagine, if Liu Bei hadn’t met Zhuge Liang, and still bumped around like blind flies, then for the rest of his life, Wouldn’t it be ruined?

This is true for the ancients, and it is also true for modern people. Our thinking, after all, is not enough. Finding a friend with an open mind is equivalent to opening the door to a new world, and we will gradually realize the so-called “There are people outside people, and there is a sky outside the sky”.

Text/Deer in Shushan