Animism | Bringing the dead back to life, the fairy grass – agrimony

Alias| , Old beef tendon

Efficacy | Astringent to stop bleeding, stop malaria, stop dysentery, detoxify

It is natural to think of ginseng when it comes to tonics. Ginseng tonic is like a weight, even if it has the power of a thousand pieces of gold. Even if a person is depleted to the point of exhaustion, ginseng can make up for it. Rejuvenating the yang and rescuing the adversity is the language of Chinese medicine, but it expresses the arrogance and efficacy of ginseng. However, the price of ginseng has always been high, and if you are not careful, you will overdo it. In such a tangled situation, Chinese medicine practitioners are wondering whether there is a medicine that is not expensive, and the strength is not strong when nourishing it. ?

Yes! That is Agrimony.

Speaking of the perennial herb Agrimony, people living in rural areas You should be familiar with it. Agrimony likes to live in fields, roadsides or bushes. There are many serrations on the edges of the leaves. The tip of the leaves is round and uneven like a dragon’s teeth, hence the name “Dragon Tooth Grass”. It belongs to the Rosaceae Agaricus genus. Its plant can grow up to more than one meter. The whole plant is covered by white dense downy hairs. The round stem comes from the root end. The obovate or obovate-lanceolate leaves are odd-pinnate and alternate. , the leaflets vary in size. Small yellow flowers bloom in the leaf axils of branches in summer, and the flowers are not large. From May to November every year is the flowering and fruiting period. After the fruiting, the achene is small, and the fruit is obovoid, conical and wrapped in a barbed and persistent calyx. When the seeds are mature, they will stick to people’s clothes. If you walk by them, their seeds will follow people to spread, and wherever they fall off, they will reproduce there. The reproductive ability is very strong.

Crane is the name of a bird, why is this grass called Agrimony? There are stories.

It is said that in the past, when the sun was high in the hot summer, two scholars went to Beijing to rush for the exam, passing through the desert, they were sweating profusely, thirsty and tired, Legs and feet are weak. At this time, one of the scholars was bleeding from the nose and collapsed on the ground; the other scholar hastily stretched out his hand to support him, very anxious, there is no village in front of this place, no shop behind, where can we find medicine to stop the bleeding? Thinking about it, Xiucai pulled a piece of cloth from his gown to block it, but it didn’t help, blood flowed out of his mouth. The bleeding scholar lamented: “I’m going to die in the underworld now, and I have nothing to do with fame.” At this moment, suddenly a crane flew from a distance, holding jelly grass in its beak, and circled above the heads of the two scholars. They thought together, maybe God helped me, if we also grew wings like the crane, how great it would be to fly away! They both shouted enviously: “Crane, crane, can you lend us your wings? Let us fly out of here quickly!” The crane seemed to understand what they said, opened its mouth, and held the jelly grass fell down. The scholar who was in better health jokingly said: “You can’t borrow wings, let’s moisten your throat with this grass first.” I am no longer thirsty, and the nosebleed has stopped. They both got up and hurried on their way. Later, they won the first prize and the second place respectively. After achieving fame and fame, they sent people to look for that kind of weed in the distressed place. It has been identified by a neurologist and has the effect of stopping bleeding. In order to commemorate the crane who delivered the medicine, this grass was named “Agrimony”.

The ancients believed that it was the grass eaten by cranes, and cranes have Birds with spiritual energy, it can be seen that Agrimony is also a fairy grass with spiritual energy. Legends are legends after all, Agrimony is not in vain. Emperor Qianlong was particularly fond of Agrimony. It is said that when Qianlong went to the south of the Yangtze River for the second time, he was attracted by a plaque entitled “No. 1 in the World”. Including the shopkeeper, they are all old men with white hair and silver beards. Qianlong asked the old man for the secret of a long life, and the old man wrote a sixteen-character message:

Exhale the lungs, exercise the muscles and bones, do ten regular things and four don’ts, and nourish at the right time .

And informed that the tonic is not to take ginseng gum, but the unattractive Agrimony in the field. Agrimony and jujube are boiled together, nourishing both qi and blood, and can also prolong life. Qianlong heard that it was a treasure, and after returning to the capital, he urgently ordered people to gather Agrimony widely and eat it as usual. Qianlong was the longest-lived emperor in history, and his longevity was largely due to his regular consumption of Agrimony.

Agrimony is also known as “Deli grass”. The name shows that it is related to strength and has a tonic effect. There was a farmer who plowed the field excessively, resulting in profuse sweating, fatigue and fatigue, walking like picking cotton, hot flashes and night sweats at night, shortness of breath, reduced diet, and gradually At this time, he met a farmer who raised cattle and told him that the cattle were strong and strong after eating Tuoli grass, so they could cultivate a lot, and they were not easy to get tired and lazy. Farmers know this kind of weed, and they also know that cattle eat it After planting grass, he will run. Now the farmer’s feet are weak and weak, and he needs strong strength due to overwork, so he goes to pick this kind of grass. Every day, he pulls out a lot of grass and cooks it with jujube. Drinking soup, the more you drink, the more energetic your body will become, the more rosy your complexion will be, the more your appetite will open up, your blood will be revived, your strength in digging and farming will be quite strong, and even the symptoms of night sweats will completely disappear.

Deli grass can quickly replenish the lost energy and spirit, so you don’t have to worry about overfilling it. This is beyond the reach of ginseng. Agrimony strengthens the body and strengthens the deficiency, not forcibly mobilizing the energy and spirit , this is commendable, it is very popular among the people, and doctors of all dynasties have favored it. Traditional Chinese medicine evaluates Agrimony for strengthening the body without leaving evil. It is jokingly called “the hormone of traditional Chinese medicine”. This herb can be used for various diseases without external pathogens such as lack of energy, weakness of limbs, fatigue and laziness, or sleepiness after heavy labor. As listless as a ball, even talking is tired. If this state continues, it is a sub-health state. One of the criteria for judging sub-health is whether you are exhausted. If you are extremely tired from spirit to form, you will feel powerless to do anything At this time, it means that half of the health has been lost. At the same time, accompanied by symptoms such as pale complexion, dizziness, headache, back pain, etc., it is very suitable to take agrimony at this time. In addition to tonic, agrimony can also stop bleeding. If there is bleeding in the body, whether it is Nosebleed, or mouth bleeding, as long as the blood is light red, it means that it is caused by physical weakness. Use agrimony to repair the deficiency, and the blood will slowly stop; it can also heal injuries, here Injuries refer not only to external injuries, but also internal injuries. For example, eating injuries, overeating hurt the spleen and stomach; anger injuries, liver and gallbladder burns in anger; fear injuries, worrying Shock and fear of hurting the heart and kidneys, etc. Agrimony can relieve it.

There is a young man who likes playing basketball very much. In the afternoon and evening, when I went back to defecate, I found that the anus was actually prolapsed. It turned out that it was due to overwork, spleen deficiency could not control, and Qi trap could not be lifted. This was caused by exhaustion. The young man’s grandfather was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and suggested taking Agrimony. So the young man took Buzhong Yiqi pills with decoction of agrimony and jujube. After taking it for three days, the prolapse of the anus retracted, and there was no prolapse of the anus after that.

There are many ways to eat Agrimony, mature seeds can be ground Noodles are made into pasta; the tender stems and leaves can be used for cooking, first boiled, then put into cold water to float for about an hour, remove and drain, stir-fry or stir-fry pork liver, the taste is intriguing. Agrimony and radish boiled with quail and lean meat has a refreshing smell and can promote body fluid and reduce internal heat. It is especially suitable for symptoms such as sore throat, hoarseness, bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums; Then add agrimony and Panax notoginseng powder, cook together for 20 minutes before eating, this porridge nourishes blood, can also stop bleeding and reduce inflammation. In summer, you can also make a good soup for clearing heat and nourishing yin. Agrimony makes tea. The tea color is yellow-green and clear. . It can also be decocted with appropriate amount of shepherd’s purse and tea leaves in water. After decoction, take out the medicinal liquid and drink it instead of tea. It is most suitable for women with metrorrhagia or menorrhagia. Its hidden benefits include detoxifying the body and relieving inflammation, among other things.

As early as the Ming Dynasty, medical scientist Jiang Yi wrote in his medical works: Roll the phlegm in the throat and flatten the filth in the stomach. Pharyngeal septum turning stomach is the disease used by the ancients to describe esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. Those who come to the doctor are afraid of each other, thinking that the disease is incurable. I got this medicine, ten shots and nine effects. Modern medicine has found that Agrimony can inhibit cancer cells through in vitro tests, and its inhibition rate is 70%-90%, without any side effects on normal cells, so it is considered an ideal anticancer drug. Today, agrimony is widely used in modern medicine because it can resist tumors, lower blood sugar, and resist oxidation. In clinical applications, it is also used to treat a variety of bleeding, dizziness and other diseases.

Plants are given by GodA gift of kind, without plants, the world would not exist. Because of the existence of these wild flowers and weeds, the land has vitality and health is guaranteed. Agrimony can be seen everywhere, serving the people close to the people, willing to exert their energy.

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Author | Chen Fenghua

Born in Dunhua in the 1970s, he is a member of the Chinese Writers Association, the Chinese Popular Science Writers Association, and the Jilin Provincial Writers Association. Published a collection of essays “Love Letters from the Vast Sea”, “The People Who Guard the Mountains”, and “My Home is Under Changbai Mountain”.