A man has two opportunities to “change his life” in his life: the two years at the age of 35 and 55



Everyone has such a wish: to change their destiny and have a more splendid life.

We often hear the words “change fate”, but very few people do it. It can only be said that those who can successfully change their destiny are only rare.

Why does this world exist?“Twenty-Eight Law” Or the more exaggerated“19th Rule”? Because the elite are only a few people, most people are ordinary people who have lived an ordinary life.

Although there is nothing wrong with being ordinary, everyone hopes to “change their destiny”. Ordinary is one thing. Whether it can be changed is another matter.

Some people work hard all their lives and still get nothing. And some people have struggled for several years, started their careers, and made a lot of money. They directly became rich and free, and lived a good life.

The fate gap between people is huge.

Besides, compared to women, in factmen prefer to go uphill smoothly, so that they It can better support the family, let the wives and children have no worries, and provide for the parents.

The idea is usually good, but the reality is often cruel. You know, a man has only two chances to change his destiny in his life, one at the age of 35 and the other at the age of 55.


35 years old is generally the beginning of a man’s “early maturity”.

As we all know, if you want to be a programmer or some senior white-collar workers nowadays, you can only become a programmer before the age of 35 , and after the age of 35, no one wants it.

Even if ordinary people want to have a solid job, it is best to find a good unit before the age of 35. Otherwise, after the age of 35, it will be very difficult for you to take the exam.

At this time, the unspoken rules of the workplace appeared-The unspoken rules of the 35-year-old workplace. The general meaning is that when you reach the age of 35, no matter how you submit your resume, basically no company will ask you. Maybe HR only looks at your age and discards your resume directly.

Since it is said that 35 years old is particularly difficult, why is 35 years old a golden period for a man’s development? For men who work for others, the age of 35 is a painful beginning. For men who work for themselves, the age of 35 is just the beginning of development.

Working for others is essentially different from working for yourself. After accumulating many years of experience in the workplace, and then coming out to do it alone, it may be particularly difficult at the beginning. But if you persist to a certain extent, your career will improve.

It is impossible for a man to “stay under the fence” forever. After all, he needs to find another way out and find the direction of life for himself. Only in this way can a great weapon be developed early, and if it does not make a sound, it will be a blockbuster.

You always have to find the direction by yourself. The road still has to be walked by oneself. Which step you can go depends on your own ability and luck.


55 years old is generally the beginning of a man’s “late blooming”.

35 years old is a turning point for countless men, and it is also the beginning of their early maturity. But if their careers still haven’t improved and their health has deteriorated in the past few years between the ages of 35 and 40, does it mean that they have no hope?

From the age of 45 to 55, the “physical decline period” of a man’s life appears. Approaching 45 years old, their bodies are failing and their energy is getting worse. In addition, there are so many conflicts in the family, so they are not doing well.

Of course, when approaching 55 years old, those who have survived have withstood the test of life, then they have the last change Chance of fate. Countless celebrities and sages in history started their careers in their fifties.

For example, Liu Bang, Liu Bei, or Li Yuan, the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty, was over fifty years old, approaching fifty-five years old. A great deal has been accomplished.

This is what is mentioned in “Book of Changes”“Flying Dragon in the Sky”< /span>. It only takes a few years for some people to “do not use the hidden dragon”, while it takes decades for some people to “do not use the hidden dragon”. In this way, when they saw the dragon in the field and met the nobleman, it was relatively late.

Once they break through the obstacle of “do not use potential dragons” when they are middle-aged, they will be like Kunpeng , rising with the wind, soaring up to 90,000 miles.

Maybe, a man who has experienced the tempering of life will have a “late bloomer” fate. Everything is hard to say.


When it comes to men “changing their destiny”, one has to talk about a cruel issue——Competition and elimination.

The rule of the animal world is that powerful male beasts can occupy more land and have more resources. The weak beasts were basically eliminated and eaten by the strong.

That is to say, This growth process is a process of continuous elimination. If you survive and persevere, then you can basically get rid of more than 50% of your opponents.

In the human world, the competition will be more intense. Since society’s resources are limited, but human beings are unlimited, it is doomed that human beings need to involve and go through the process of “elimination”. Especially men are the main body of this process.

The point is,Either we eliminated others, or others eliminated us. From the perspective of the “28th Law”, only 20% of people can better earn wealth and change their fate.

Men, there are only two choices , or like Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty in ancient times, he developed rapidly and achieved careers during the period from thirty to thirty-five years old. Either be like Sima Yi, silently accumulating strength, and endure until the age of fifty or sixty, before seizing the opportunity and breaking it with one blow.

The former requires supreme luck and excessive ability. The latter requires a long lifespan and long-term accumulation. Whether it is an early bloomer or a late bloomer depends on your own opportunities.

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