When people reach middle age, they start to maintain their health, and make posts to record their journey (Day 1290)

Day 1290, 40 minutes at night.

The feeling of stance has become more and more obvious in the past few days, the most obvious is the overall sense and sense of atmosphere. The feeling is that the up and down began to be coherent, and the strength began to flow smoothly again. I don’t know if it’s because I’m standing wrong or what’s the reason. The more I stand on the Wuji pile, the more out of touch I feel, and the air gradually disappears. Maybe it’s because I’m used to standing on the round pile from the beginning? !

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been checking outside for the past few days, because I’m tired, or because of other reasons, my body will be more tired, and I can’t feel it when I wake up, mainly because I fall asleep in seconds when I lie down. And after eleven o’clock in the evening, I will feel a little tired and feel a little stuffy in my breathing.