Qingyang: Announcement on Scientifically and Accurately Implementing the “Twenty Measures”

2022 No. 10

In order to thoroughly implement the country’s “Twenty Measures”, scientifically and accurately do a good job in the city’s epidemic prevention and control work, and protect people’s life safety and health to the greatest extent, the measures related to the production and life of the broad masses of the people will now be involved The announcement is as follows.

1. Anyone who comes (returns) to celebrate from outside the city must report to the community, hotel, and unit where the destination is located 24 hours in advance.

Second, people coming (returning) to celebrate from outside the province implement “arrival inspection”, and those who come (return) to celebrate from within the province must take a nucleic acid test within 72 hours Proof of passing, if unable to provide “arrival inspection”.

3. Personnel coming (returning) from counties (districts) with epidemics to (return) to celebrate the implementation of “arrival inspection” The measure of “two inspections in three days” means that before the results of the second nucleic acid test are released, do not go out unless necessary, do not go to public places, and do not participate in gathering activities.

4. Those who take planes, high-speed rails, trains, and inter-provincial long-distance buses need to hold a nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours; stay in hotels and enter tourism Scenic personnel check the nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours.

5. Returnees from overseas are subject to the measures of “5-day centralized isolation + 3-day home isolation”. Those returning to Qinghai after completing 5 days of centralized quarantine at the point of entry will no longer be quarantined in a centralized manner, but will only be quarantined at home for 3 days.

6. Persons coming (returning) from high-risk areas to celebrate (return) to celebrate the implementation of “7-day home isolation”, during which codes are assigned and management is not allowed to go out. Implement centralized isolation measures for those who do not meet the conditions for home isolation.

Seventh, close contacts are subject to “5-day centralized isolation + 3-day home isolation”, during which they are assigned codes and are not allowed to go out. No longer judges close closes.

8. Employees in high-risk positions who have completed closed-loop operations, implement “5-day home health monitoring”, and assign codes to manage during the period. go out.

9. Adjust the risk areas from “high, medium and low” to “high and low”, and the high risk areas are continuous No new infections were found in 5 days, and it was reduced to a low-risk area. Personnel code management in high-risk areas implements “staying at home, door-to-door service”; low-risk areas adopt preventive measures of “personal protection and avoiding gatherings”.

X. During the period of normalized prevention and control, the front-line personnel of imported cold chain food storage and processing enterprises and the staff of centralized isolation places and designated medical institutions are working One nucleic acid test per day; one test per day for relevant medical personnel in fever clinics in general medical institutions; express delivery, takeaway and hotel, decoration loading and unloading, transportation service personnel, staff in shopping malls, supermarkets and agricultural (collection) trade markets, and fever clinics in general medical institutions Other staff are checked twice a week.

Eleven, during the period of normalized prevention and control, enter party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, public places, shopping malls and supermarkets, various markets, residents The personnel in the community must cooperate with the implementation of measures such as scanning site codes, checking health codes, itinerary codes, and temperature measurement. After a local epidemic occurs, personnel entering the above places will also check the nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours.

12. Real-name registration is required when purchasing antipyretic, cough, antiviral, antibiotic, cold and other medicines, and the pharmacy will push the information to the jurisdiction Sub-district (community) management, promptly supervise and urge drug users to carry out nucleic acid testing.

Thirteen, medical institutions strictly implement the first-diagnosis responsibility system and the emergency and critical emergency rescue system, and general outpatients and escorts are required to perform nucleic acid testing within 24 hours See a doctor with proof; regardless of whether critically ill patients have a nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours or not, medical staff will perform nucleic acid testing simultaneously while rescuing them on the basis of good protection.

Fourteen, schools at all levels and types implement various epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with “one school, one policy”. After the outbreak of an epidemic on campus, it will be dealt with quickly according to the principle of “quick screening, quick closure, quick elimination, and quick solution”. Generally, flow control is carried out on a class basis, and large-scale and long-term suspension of classes will not be carried out.

Fifteen, special institutions such as nursing homes, child welfare institutions, nurseries, psychiatric hospitals, training institutions, prisons, etc., implement personnel symptom monitoring under normalization , Ventilation and disinfection, personal protection and other measures, once an epidemic occurs in the area under its jurisdiction, closed management will be implemented.

Sixteen, enterprises and industrial parks implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with “one enterprise, one policy” and “one park, one policy” to ensure key positions and key processes Employees’ life, epidemic prevention and job rotation preparation, and strengthen the management of social personnel access.

Seventeen, residents who meet the vaccination requirements but have not yet completed the full vaccination of the new crown virus vaccine, especially the elderly over 60 years old, should get the vaccine as soon as possible Point vaccination, to ensure that all should be received.

Eighteen, all citizens should be the first person responsible for their own health, carry spare masks when going out, take public transportation, and enter public places must be scientific and regulated Wear a mask. Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, using serving chopsticks and spoons, maintaining a safe social distance of “one-meter noodles”, doing a good job in personal hygiene, reducing gatherings, and jointly creating a clean, comfortable, and civilized public living space.

Joint Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Qingyang City

Leadership Group (Command) Office

November 20, 2022< /span>

(Source: Healthy Qingyang)