When people reach middle age, they start to maintain their health, and post to record their journey (Day 1291)

Day 1291, 40 minutes at night.

Today continues the feeling of yesterday, with a strong sense of breath and smooth force.

But I feel uncomfortable all over, and the pain in the back of the head reappeared. This feeling disappeared about a year and a half after it appeared in the first year, and it never happened again. It reappeared in the past few days. Pain in the back, very painful!

There is also pain in the entire left half of the body, fascia and muscles, from the left arm wrist to the left shoulder, and then to the left back and left waist. After analyzing it in the past two days, it should be a round pile After practicing the Promise Stake for a while, the feeling of stretching the upper body disappeared, and the body gradually adapted. After standing on the round pile for two days, the body re-adapted to the stretching of the upper body. Since the left half of the body is relatively weak, the reaction will also be violent Some, to be honest, it really hurts when it hurts.