When diabetes worsens, the body may send out 4 early warning signals, pay attention to observation, and control blood sugar in time

Diabetes is a relatively common chronic disease. It is often necessary to take hypoglycemic drugs or inject insulin for a long time to control blood sugar after illness. to the health of the body.

However, the deterioration of diabetes does not happen suddenly. The prevention of disease, to avoid more serious disease and endanger health.

1. Severe thirst

Diabetic patients are prone to three excesses and one deficiency, among which “one excess” is The increase in drinking water is manifested by drinking a lot of water when there is no strenuous activity or the temperature is too high. When diabetes is effectively controlled and blood sugar tends to a stable state, thirst will also be controlled.

If serious thirst gradually appears, it means that diabetes has worsened, and it may be serious diabetic ketoacidosis , should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Under normal circumstances, diabetic patients will be required to control their sugar intake in their diet , and at the same time take hypoglycemic drugs or inject insulin, so that blood sugar can be controlled in a stable state;

However, if there is no change in medication and diet, there is still an increase in blood sugar, and it continues If it is difficult to control, it means that diabetes has worsened, and the treatment plan should be adjusted in time.


To sum up, the exacerbation of diabetes does not appear suddenly, and often manifests as severe thirst again, sweating, uncontrollable blood sugar and the appearance of edema, which means that the blood sugar in the body An unstable situation has appeared;

It has even lasted for a period of time, and has had a negative impact on normal body functions, which will lead to these aggravated manifestations. If not treated in time, it is likely to induce more serious problem.

At this time, the complications should be treated in time. Go to the hospital for relevant examinations as soon as possible to determine the current development stage of diabetes, and follow the doctor’s instructions Entrust the adjustment of the treatment plan to improve the blood pressure that is currently too high or fluctuates too much.

At the same time, targeted treatment for the early complications that have occurred will not only help slow down the emergence of complications, but also help diabetics maintain their health.