When buying bread, these 3 types of bread should be avoided. Pastry chef: whether it looks good or not, experts will not buy it

Some people say: eat some whole wheat bread in the morning, and feel less hungry at noon! Some people also said: the bread tastes soft and sweet, and it is more delicious and healthy than traditional fried dough sticks and soy milk. Some people even said: no matter how stressful the work is, as long as they eat bread, they will feel happy.

As we all know,Bread is fermented flour, and then Baked food not only contains a lot of carbohydrates, but also rich in trace elements, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Because of its soft and delicious taste and sweet taste, it is deeply loved by many people.


Many friends know that bread is delicious, but they don’t know the “sickness” in bread “!” For example, some businesses will add a lot of bread improver to the bread, which can make the volume of the bread more expanded and make the taste of the bread more It is soft and even increases the elasticity of the bread.

Generally speaking,The dosage of bread improver As long as it meets the standards stipulated by the state, it is harmless to the body. However, some merchants will use potassium bromate, which is prohibited by the state. But it can make the internal pore structure of the bread very uniform, and it can also make the bread contain a certain amount of water, so that the bread not only tastes softer, but also more elastic.

Let’s put it this way, bread improvers are harmful to the body in the prescribed dosage, but Potassium bromate, as long as you eat a little, it will cause harm to your body. Therefore, Lao Yu sorted out 3 types of bread that we cannot eat. If you are a friend who likes to eat bread, for the sake of your own health, you might as well take a look together.

Class I: Bread Containing Potassium Bromate

Some friends will say: This kind of thing is not allowed in the country, how do you know which breads contain potassium bromate? Don’t worry, since Lao Yu can share it with everyone, he knows it! First of all, the bread is large in size but light in weight, you should pay attention to this kind of bread!

Secondly, look at the cut surface of the bread! If the pore structure of the cut surface is large and relatively uniform, the volume of the bread Large and light in weight, such bread contains potassium bromate.Generally speaking, breads such as baguettes, shredded bread, croissants, etc. are most likely to be mixed with potassium bromate.

Think about it, although the bread will expand after being baked, it will not expand itself to this point like a balloon, especially the hole structure inside the bread, whether it is machine kneading or artificial, When the yeast is fermenting in the dough, it is impossible to achieve perfect consistency. So, if you encounter such bread, remember not to buy it!

Second category: Bread with margarine

To put it bluntly, at least half of the bread on the market contains margarine. It’s just that some breads are not marked with margarine on the ingredient list. Here I am old to say what are the names of margarine, for example: vegetable cream, vegetable butter, vegetable powder, margarine, margarine, margarine, shortening, creamer, cocoa substitute fats, hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated or refined vegetable oils, etc.!

Many friends will say: no Say, is it ok as long as it’s trans fat free? wrong! Because, The national standard (GB 28050-2011) stipulates that as long as the content of trans fat in food is ≤0.3g/100g, it can be marked as 0. Therefore, marking it as 0 does not mean that there is no trans fat! And this substance, long-term consumption, does not do too much harm to the body!

Tips: Lao Yu is already a parent, so here are more Say something. Some parents or grandparents often buy some pastries for their children. Let’s put it this way, many of these pastries also contain margarine, so before buying, remember to readLook at the ingredient list!

The third category: bread with a lot of sugar


It is said that bread is healthy, but in advance this kind of bread is only baked with flour, water yeast and a little salt! Many friends, if you ask her to eat 50 grams of sugar a day, he will say that it is unhealthy, but he does not know that the bread he eats every day already contains these 50 grams of sugar.

Generally speaking, per 100 grams of flour Bread containing less than 7% sugar is called salt water bread; most edible bread contains between 10% and 20% sugar. Therefore, when buying bread, remember to buy less sugar. Speaking of this, some friends will ask: how to judge the amount of sugar contained in noodles?

Actually, it’s very simple, all food ingredients list , the more ingredients accounted for, the higher the position. When buying bread, look at the ranking of sugar in the ingredient list to know whether to put more or less!

——Old Yu Said——

Finally, Lao Yu repeats: When buying bread, if you don’t want to buy the above three categories Bread, be sure to look at the ingredient list of the bread. If it is made and sold now, then be sure to check whether it meets the first description. If so, it is not recommended to buy it! Because, for the second and third types, it doesn’t matter if you eat less occasionally, but for the first type, you can’t eat it! I am gluttonous old Yu, thank you for watching, thank you!