Are you old enough to quit drinking? Expert: Keep in mind “4 don’t drink”, it’s okay to have a few drinks

Recently, I often hear people say: “When you get older, you have to stop drinking.”

Of course, many people compare our body to a machine. Over time, machine parts will be damaged, and we will As we grow older, the body is prone to various minor problems.

Especially when it comes to drinking, I don’t think so when I’m young. When I get friends and get together, I have to drink to my heart’s content.

However, does this mean that you have to stop drinking when you are older? The answer is not so. You must know that some substances contained in alcohol are also beneficial to the body, and drinking in moderation is not a bad idea, and we also need to know that for the “old alcoholic” who has been drinking for decades, how easy is it to quit alcohol? Even sometimes, the more you force yourself, the more you can’t restrain yourself.

Therefore, there is no need to force yourself to quit. Experts suggest: Just keep in mind the following “4 don’t drink”, and it’s okay to have a few drinks.

1. Don’t drink “boring wine”

Getting older In the future, the pressure of daily life and work will come together, and the mood will inevitably be depressed. Therefore, many people like to drink “boring wine” alone. As a result, it is easy to recall the sad past, Make yourself more depressed, and the more you drink, the more upset you become. If you drink like this for a long time, your body will inevitably have problems.

Alcohol is the main ingredient of liquor. If you take too much alcohol at once, it is easy to cause alcohol poisoning, and you will inevitably drink too much when you are depressed. The vomiting phenomenon made me feel particularly uncomfortable.

Therefore, I advise everyone not to drink “boring wine” alone, and get drunk before resting. This will not only make you feel bad, but also bad for your body.

2. Do not drink “three noes” bulk liquor

Many people think Self-brewed loose wine is healthier, without all kinds of additives, and the price is cheaper. In fact, this impression is not entirely true.

Of course, there is no lack of pure grain wines in bulk liquor, but some bulk liquor is blended with alcohol. It does not have various production processes and strict management systems in wineries, so the wine produced The quality is not guaranteed, and the raw materials are not sophisticated enough. Even the wine brewed from pure grains may use low-quality grains.

Furthermore, the rural home brewing technology is limited. This kind of bulk liquor is generally brewed by retail households. It is difficult to guarantee the equipment and technology, and the brewed wine will inevitably have no problems.

3. Do not drink wine with turbidity and sediment

Friends who love to drink know that if the color of the wine is clean and clear, the quality of the wine is generally not bad, and the taste will be better, but the color of some wines is not transparent, and there are even white flocs or white flocs in the wine. Precipitate.

If you see wine that is particularly turbid or even has sediment, it is best not to try it, because the raw materials of this wine are relatively pureLow, it is likely to be inferior wine, which does not meet the factory standard, or is mixed with impurities during the production process. It is better to avoid this kind of wine as much as possible.

4. Do not drink wine with uneven bubble size

Bubbles are one of the criteria for judging the quality of liquor. Generally speaking, for liquor with good quality, the hops and bubbles produced are relatively uniform, and the dissipation speed is relatively slow. , the distribution is not uniform, and the liquor dissipates very fast, it is best not to choose.

So, we can judge whether it is a good wine by shaking the wine bottle. We can see whether the bubbles in it are particularly uniform and whether the speed of disappearing is relatively slow. Through this method, we can quickly judge the quality of the wine good or bad.

Seeing this, some friends may think that it is not easy to choose liquor on the market, and there are many unscrupulous merchants producing It is really a headache to produce inferior liquor and sell it as shoddy. In fact, there are also many wineries that are serious about making high-quality wine. For example, the following Manshang Wine is a fine wine produced by Kweichow Maodu Wine Industry. Be loved by consumers.

It is a Daqu Kunsha liquor, carefully brewed using the same brewing process as Moutai, and its quality is trustworthy. The winery selects the local waxy red sorghum in Guizhou as the raw material. After multiple rounds of roasting through the 12987 soy sauce wine process, the finished wine has a Maoxiang flavor.

It is worth mentioning that it has won the Henan Radio and Television City Channel ‘s support, it was recommended to the common people, and was very popular once it was launched.

After the baptism of time, the wine quality is crystal clear, open a bottle of wine, the wine aroma, less than 2 seconds, the whole The room is full of fragrance, pour the wine into the cup, its color is incomparably crystal, without a trace of impurities, it smells very strong, take a sip, elegant and delicate, /strong>The overall taste is soft and sweet, which makes people salivate and has endless aftertaste. I have to drink a few more glasses.

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