When a person’s teeth often have problems, it means that his kidneys have begun to be weak

Gu Chi Shen Fang

“Huang Di Nei Jing” says: “The kidney governs the bone, Teeth are more than bones”, how close is the relationship between the kidney and the teeth?

In clinical practice, we often find that after the age of 12, some people lose their milk teeth and grow permanent teeth that accompany them for a lifetime. However, some people have incomplete permanent teeth, and may still have milk teeth when they are forty or fifty years old.


Why? The reason is that his kidneys are too weak and his permanent teeth cannot grow.

Our permanent teeth have roots, which grow in the bone, while milk teeth float on the gums and fall off easily. Therefore, after the age of 35 for women and the age of 40 for men, the baby teeth will fall out due to kidney deficiency and weakness. Clinically, this is the reason for a person’s sparse teeth.

People with particularly good kidneys will have good teeth when they get old.

To protect the teeth, in addition to cleaning the teeth, nourishing the kidney is also a very important way to strengthen the teeth.

Let me recommend a small prescription for nourishing the kidney and strengthening the teeth-Gu Teeth Divine side.

Gu Te Shenfang

Recipe: 15 grams of green salt, 15 grams of gypsum, Psoraleae 12 grams, Zanthoxylum bungeanum 4.5 grams (remove the order), Angelica dahurica 4.5 grams, Mint mint 4.5 grams, Eclipta 7.5 grams, Fangfeng 7.5 grams, Asarum 4.5 grams.

Method: Make the above medicinal materials into fine powder, seal it for later use. When using it, first brush your teeth with daily toothpaste until the mouth is full of foam, then use a toothbrush dipped in a little powder to brush your teeth, and finally rinse your mouth.

This recipe is very effective for all oral problems, including teeth and mouth sores, oral ulcers and other problems.

Some time ago, my friend had two ulcers in his mouth, which were very painful. I sprinkled the Gingfang Shenfang on the wounds, and I asked him the next morning. . He said yes. The effect is that fast.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are three causes of toothache. However, the treatment of toothache with Guchishenfang does not require syndrome differentiation, and it is suitable for toothaches caused by various reasons.

This prescription can also be used as a daily dental care product, which can keep you from toothache.

I have been using it for over ten years, three times a day.

If you do not have permanent teeth due to insufficiency of kidney qi, you can use kidney-tonifying medicine the day after tomorrow, and take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Like Liuwei Dihuang Wan, Kidney-tonifying medicines such as sealwort can be taken normally, but of course the fastest-acting formula is Guchishenfang.

Why can the fixed teeth god I recommend to everyone be able to fix teeth?

Because there are ecliptas and psoraleae in the prescription, these are all kidney-tonifying medicines, which can increase male and female hormones, and sex hormones can make us Calcium in the mouth is deposited on the teeth.

When a person’s teeth often have problems, it means that his kidneys have begun to be weak.

Like many people who dare not bite hard things, or suddenly find that a piece of their tooth has fallen out, this is a manifestation of kidney deficiency.