People who are prone to dental calculus have stomach fire or kidney fire

People who are prone to calculus have stomach fire or kidney fire

Now, Many people have dental calculus, and serious development of dental calculus will lead to periodontitis, which in turn will cause bleeding gums and receding gums; once the gums recede, the teeth will become longer, and gradually the entire tooth will be exposed, and the teeth will become longer It’s called pulp overflow in traditional Chinese medicine, and the teeth will eventually fall out. Dental calculus reflects the condition of the stomach and kidneys. People who are prone to dental calculus prove that they have stomach fire or kidney fire and hyperactivity of kidney yang. My father is like this. He has a lot of stomach fire and hyperactive kidney yang, so he is particularly prone to dental calculus.

In “Synopsis of the Golden Chamber”, it is said: “—The two front teeth are relatively dry, and the saliva is relatively low. The reason is that the kidney yin is deficient and the stomach fire is too strong.

The teeth are nourished by our saliva, and saliva contains a lot of sex hormones, so the teeth of many young people are milky white, even like pearls, very shiny, This shows that his sex hormones are normal and can nourish teeth.

When we get older and our sex hormone levels are low, our teeth lose their luster. If we see a young man with dull teeth, it means that he must have kidney deficiency; while an old man’s teeth (natural teeth) are very shiny, which is a sign of longevity.

The “Huangdi Neijing” says “hair fall Tooth decay” means that the sex hormones are low due to kidney deficiency, which cannot nourish our teeth, so the teeth are chapped.

Dental calculus is also related to the region where we live. For example, Gaoping in Shanxi is a loess high slope. Its water contains a lot of minerals and fluorine. We often It is easy to form dental calculus with this water, so many northerners have yellow teeth and dental calculus. In the south, there are relatively few people with dental calculus. Of course, the water in the south has less minerals and fluorine, so the teeth of southerners are not as strong as northerners. However, this has nothing to do with dental calculus, because its water quality is too soft to contain fluorine.

There is already fluoride toothpaste, but fluoride toothpaste is more suitable for southerners, and the fluorine in the water in many northern cities exceeds the standard, so northerners do not need special Use fluoride toothpaste.

Fluorine can strengthen teeth. In addition to using fluoride toothpaste, there is another way to supplement fluoride—drinking tea.

Because tea Contains fluorine in it, and fluorine can sterilize and solidify teeth.