Three herbal medicines, blood pressure lowering, with a novel angle to reduce heart fire, once the heart fire is gone, the liver fire will disappear and blood pressure will drop automatically

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shen. Today I will introduce a prescription to you. It comes from the master of Jingfang, Mr. Liu Duzhou. Using simple three-flavored medicine, daily Drinking boiled water can regulate our blood pressure, restore blood pressure to a stable level, and keep us away from high blood pressure.

Have high blood pressure, oftenDizziness, headache, especially when waking up in the morning, the temples and the back of the head feel extremely painful, the pain will be slightly relieved when getting up and moving, and accompanied by tinnitus , palpitation, upset, difficulty falling asleep at night, or waking up early, insomnia and dreaming, dry mouth, bitter mouth, burning mouth and nose, occasional weakness, cramps, pain and other symptoms, what is this? What’s going on?

Chinese medicine believes that high blood pressure is usually due to Liver stagnation turns into fire, caused by too much fire, because “fire goes up”, too much liver fire will lead qi and blood to go up, so the blood pressure in the vessels will increase, At the same time, the liver governs emotions. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure are usually irritable and prone to anger, and their blood pressure will also fluctuate with mood swings. The primary purpose is to reduce fire.

The prescription created by Mr. Liu Duzhou has a novel angle,from Xie Start from the heart fire and clear the liver fire. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “the real thing is to purify its son, and the heart is the son of the liver wood. If the heart is cleared, the liver stagnation will be relieved.”It means that the liver wood can transform the heart Fire, if we clear the heart fire, if the heart fire is insufficient, the excess liver fire will be transformed into heart fire, so the stagnant fire in the liver will be evacuated by itself, So only rhubarb is used in this recipe, Coptis chinensis and Scutellaria baicalensis three-flavor heat-clearing and purging gunpowder, and then I will explain to you the magical effect.

Huang Lian enters the Heart Sutra, specializes in clearing and reducing heart fire, Eliminate upset; Scutellaria baicalensis enters the heart and lung meridians, and the heart and lung belong to the upper burner, so this medicine is still mainly purging the fire of the heart and lungs in the upper burner and clearing the heat of the heart and lung, in order to achieve the purpose of clearing the liver;

Finally, rhubarb enters the heart, liver, spleen, stomach and large intestine meridian, This medicine not only relieves the accumulation of attack, clears heat and fire, but also expels the fire evil in the body from the intestinal tract, so people who drink boiled water with these three medicines may Increased stool frequency may occur, but this is normal.

But you need to pay attention, because these three flavors are heat-clearing medicines, so people with cold body should not use them indiscriminately , should be used according to the symptoms of the doctor’s reference and dialectics, the above is the content shared today, do you understand?