When a man wakes up in the morning, he does not have these 5 phenomena when he goes to the toilet. It is worthy of congratulations, or it means that the kidneys are still very healthy

Introduction: According to the relevant data published by the famous medical journal “The Lancet”, the incidence of chronic kidney disease in my country can reach about 10.8%, which is also That is to say, about one out of every 10 people has chronic kidney disease.

Perhaps many people think that diseases are only exposed in physical examinations and are difficult to prevent in daily life. The occurrence of a disease is an accumulation of physical lesions, and the physical symptoms are the first to send out the signal, and the most notable one is the phenomenon of morning urine in men.

We often say that one day The idea lies in the morning. Waking up in the morning is the most energetic and energetic stage for a person, and it is also the time period when the lesions are most likely to be exposed.

Many experts can generally judge the health status of the body from the urine of a person after waking up in the morning. If there are corresponding abnormal symptoms in the urine, it will naturally help doctors find the disease easily.

So what is the relationship between men’s morning urine performance and diseases? Let’s take everyone to learn more about it today.

4 kinds of behaviors are easy to damage the kidneys, how many have you done?

Love to drink

Nowadays, many people feel that boiled water is bland and tasteless, so they start to drink beverages, but beverages not only contain a lot of sugar, but also contain certain additives.

Finally, these substances need to be filtered by the kidneys. It is easy to induce kidney disease.

Long-term stay up late

< p data-track="11">Many people think that staying up late will only damage the liver, but actually staying up late can also damage our kidneys.

Staying up late for a long time will cause the body’s immune system to become disordered, and immunity will decrease, which will easily induce kidney disease .

I like to hold my urine

Urine contains a lot of harmful substances, when you feel the desire to urinate, you need to Excret it as soon as possible, otherwise it will easily cause the urine that stays in the bladder to breed bacteria and even infect the kidneys.

Under this kind of problem, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection, or pyelonephritis and other problems, serious Under the circumstances, it will easily damage our liver and kidney health.

I don’t like drinking water

If you do not drink water for a long time, the concentration of urine will increase, and the harmful substances and calcium elements contained in urine will easy to accumulate in the kidneys.

It is difficult to excrete from the body, over time it will easily damage kidney function, and even easily induce kidney stones question.

When a man wakes up in the morning, he does not have these 5 phenomena when he goes to the toilet. It is worthy of congratulations, or it means that the kidneys are still in good health

For male friends , the health of the body will decline, and the urinary system is most likely to be affected, which is highlighted as abnormal urine.

And men who have accumulated urine all night during sleep will easily expose related symptoms when urinating in the morning. The following 5 problems are closely related to kidney problems. If you don’t find it when you urinate in the morning These 5 phenomena show that your kidneys are very healthy and deserve congratulations.


For male friends, you can see when you urinate in the morning See if the color of the urine is cloudy or whitish.

If there is cloudy whitish urine Phenomenon, indicating that the reduction of renal function affects the normal secretion of hormones, and this is also a signal of kidney disease.

On the contrary , if the color of your urine is not cloudy and white, but the color of your urine is transparent or light yellow, it means that your kidneys are in good health.

< span>No increase in urine output

For normal For male friends, the daily urine output can reach about 800-2000 ml.

The amount of urination is affected by various factors such as sweat, water and exercise, and the frequency is about 6~8 times.

If you drink water normally, if you urinate too little or too much, you should be alert , especially in the morning, if you find that you urinate more, it may be that your kidneys are in trouble.

No dysuria

Some male friends found that the process of urination was weak after getting up in the morning, the urine output was relatively small, and there was a problem of poor urination.

After a whole night of After sleep, the body has basically completed the metabolism of the day, and the water in the body has almost been consumed.

It is said that the urine output is relatively small, and the urination is not smooth, so it is necessary to consider that it is very likely to be the kidney There is a problem resulting in water and sodium retention.

There is no foam in the urine

Generally, the surface tension of urine is very strong, and the foam generated is very little, and even if there is foam, it will disappear quickly.

But when there is an abnormality in the kidney, the protein or bilirubin in the urine will appear obviously This reduces the surface tension of the urine and produces a lot of foam during urination.

For male friends, if you find that there is almost no foam in your urine after getting up early, it means that your kidneys are very healthy. Congratulations.

The smell of urine is not very strong

For male friends, you can also observe the smell of urine when you go to the toilet for the first time in the morning. If the smell of urine is very pungent and unpleasant, it means that the kidneys are likely to be damaged.< /span>

If you find that the smell of urine is so unpleasant that you can’t bear it, then it is likely to be kidney qi Insufficient or kidney health is in trouble.

On the contrary, if not, then congratulations, it means your kidney The maintenance is not bad.

In addition, the kidneys are not good, and these abnormalities will appear

  1. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney qi passes through the ears. If the kidney function declines, it will also easily cause hearing loss and tinnitus;
  2. After getting up in the morning, the body is tired and weak, and the mental state is very poor, which is a manifestation of kidney qi deficiency;< /span>
  3. Deterioration of kidney function will affect your own endocrine, accompanied by insomnia, dreaminess, poor sleep and other problems.

How to maintain the kidney?

Knocking kidney exercises

You can sit cross-legged on the sofa, make fists with both hands, swing your left and right hands back and forth, and tap the Shenque acupoint.

Knock once a day in the morning and evening, and keep the time of each knock at 5-10 minutes, which will help Maintain the kidneys and dredge the kidney essence.

Appropriate exercise

< p data-track="51">Proper exercise can not only better enhance physical fitness, but also prevent kidney disease, which is very helpful for supplementing kidney power.

But everyone needs to pay attention to one thing. When choosing sports, you must choose sports within your ability. It is easy to cause trouble to health.

Light diet

If you want to better protect your kidneys, you must also eat a light diet Drink and cook, eat less high-salt food, otherwise too much salt intake will easily increase the burden on the kidneys.

Extended reading: a numerical value to see if the kidney is good

Many people are particularly concerned about whether their kidneys are healthy, but they don’t know where to judge, and most diseases have no major symptoms in the early stage.

The early manifestations of kidney disease are particularly secretive, and you can screen for early kidney disease through urine routine.

< span>Especially those with back pain, nocturnal urination, foamy urine, and edema need to be screened in this area as soon as possible.

Conclusion: The kidney is a very important organ for male friends. It is recommended that you take good care of this organ, so that you can better reduce the burden on the kidneys and take care of them. Kidney health.