How high is blood pressure to cause cerebral hemorrhage? Reminder: Stay away from cerebral hemorrhage, keep your mouth shut with 3 kinds of food

Introduction: High blood pressure has long been known as the “silent killer”, and it is pointed out in the “China Cardiovascular Disease Health and Disease Report 2021” that currently The prevalence of cardiovascular disease in our country continues to rise and has become the first cause of death in the nation. How to prevent cardiovascular disease is also a top priority.

According to preliminary estimates, among the 330 million patients with cardiovascular disease in my country, hypertension patients can reach Around 450 million. Once high blood pressure occurs, serious complications may occur, such as serious complications of vital organs such as the brain, heart, and kidneys.

May be disabled, patients will lose their labor force, and long-term treatment will become a burden. Or it is prone to fatal problems. In our country, countless people die every year due to complications of high blood pressure.

Revision of the new standard for hypertension

In November 2022, the Cardiovascular Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases The “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Hypertension in China 2022” jointly formulated by professional committees such as the National Institutes of Health was officially released.

Compared with previous guidelines, it shows that the new guidelines have also been adjusted in many aspects, including the following 4 Point:

  • Definition of Hypertension

For adults, the diagnostic line of hypertension is changed from the original systolic blood pressure ≥ 140 and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90mmHg ( 140/90mmHg), adjusted to systolic blood pressure ≥130mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥80mmHg (130/80mmHg).

  • Hypertension classification

According to the corresponding level of blood pressure, adults Hypertensive patients are divided into grade one hypertension and grade two hypertension.

The range of primary hypertension is 130~139 / 80~89 mmHg;

The blood pressure range of the second level is ≥140/90mmHg.

  • Blood Pressure Target< /li>

The vast majority of hypertensive patients need to lower their blood pressure to below 130/80mmHg, others such as hypertension combined with stroke, elderly For patients with hypertension and other problems, the blood pressure target can be adjusted appropriately.

The specific adjustment range is as follows:

How does high blood pressure lead to cerebral hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage is a very common acute cerebrovascular disease in neurology. Among them, cerebral hemorrhage caused by high blood pressure is called hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage.

Hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage belongs to a kind of basal ganglia, ventricle, and thalamus that cause sudden hypertensive patients , cerebellum, brainstem and other brain parenchyma hemorrhage.

Because a sudden increase in blood pressure will easily make theBleeding is caused by rupture of blood vessels, and the blood forms a mass, which compresses the brain tissue and causes diseases. In severe cases, it will easily affect the central nervous system function of the brain.

The clinical manifestations Headache, hemiplegia, nausea, vomiting, aphasia, and incontinence.

In addition to the damage caused by hematoma compression, cerebral hematoma is also prone to inflammatory damage and insufficient cerebral perfusion. This further raises the issue of ischemic brain injury.

The acute onset of hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage is very severe, and the mortality rate and disability rate are both For very high cerebral hemorrhage, the fatality rate can be as high as 35% to 56% 30 days before the onset.

Blood pressure How high will cerebral hemorrhage occur?

The elderly generally have arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure is very prone to cerebral hemorrhage. When the systolic blood pressure exceeds 180mmHg, will be prone to cerebral hemorrhage.

If the blood pressure exceeds 200mmHg, the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage will increase exponentially.

If the blood pressure level exceeds 220mmHg, the probability of cerebral hemorrhage will increase at this time, so control Blood pressure is very critical. Once a patient has a cerebral hemorrhage, he needs to actively control the blood pressure level.

More than 80% of the causes of cerebral hemorrhage are hypertensive disorders, but it does not mean that once hypertensive Cerebral hemorrhage will immediately appear in blood pressure disease.

Reminder: Stay away from cerebral hemorrhage, keep your mouth shut on 3 kinds of food

High-salt food

Excessive intake of sodium chloride in the body will easily cause water and sodium retention in the body, and this problem is The level of sodium ions in the body rises, and the rise of sodium ions in the body will lead to cell water sample degeneration.

At this time, the cells swell. It is relatively narrow, and when this kind of problem occurs, it will easily lead to a decrease in blood flow velocity.

On the contrary, the blood flow remains unchanged. At this time, the blood flow velocity is constantly decreasing, which will make a large amount of blood unable to circulate normally , It will easily induce the increase of peripheral vascular resistance, so that the blood pressure level of the body will continue to rise, and it will easily induce cerebral hemorrhage.

Wine and food containing alcohol

Whether it is a gathering of friends orAlcohol is indispensable for work and entertainment, and some people like to meet up with three or five friends in their spare time and have a drink at home.

Alcohol will continuously excite the sympathetic nerves and increase blood pressure. On the other hand, alcohol will dilate peripheral blood vessels, Decrease blood pressure and increase blood pressure significantly.

Repeatedly, the blood pressure fluctuates greatly, which will cause rupture of the relatively fragile blood vessels, which is serious In some cases, it may even easily lead to hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage.

Greasy food

Excessive intake of high-fat food will easily make the body Elevated blood lipid levels, increased blood lipid components in the blood will increase blood viscosity.

Under this kind of problem, it will affect the normal blood flow rate, the more substances in the blood , the slower the blood flow, the slower the blood flow when the blood flow is constant, the faster the blood pressure rises, and bleeding problems are also prone to occur at this time.

Stay away For cerebral hemorrhage, hypertensive patients should learn to manage themselves

1. Do a good job in blood pressure testing and pay attention to blood pressure measurement;

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2. If you have poor sleep, you must adjust your sleep well so that you can be more stable Blood pressure;

3. Pay attention to defecation problems, do not defecate hard, and avoid excessive force that may cause blood pressure to rise instantaneously High;

4. Quit smoking and drinking;

5. Maintain a balanced diet with meat and vegetables;

6. Refuse to sit for a long time, eat dynamic balance, control weight, and avoid obesity problems.

Extended reading – sudden First aid method for cerebral hemorrhage

1. In case of sudden cerebral hemorrhage, you must quickly dial 120 emergency number;

2. Keep the patient quiet and avoid pulling or strong stimulation;

3. Keep the patient’s airway open and turn the patient’s head to one side;

4. If the patient vomits, be sure to clean up the vomit in the patient’s mouth and nose;

5. Do not give water or drinks to the patient;

6 , Don’t shake the patient hard or pinch the patient.

Conclusion: All in all, hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage is a kind of mortality, and a very high sudden Disease, for hypertensive patients, is likely to be a very serious complication, so we must pay attention to stabilizing blood pressure, not only to eat a reasonable diet, but also to follow the doctor’s advice, take reasonable medication, and maintain proper exercise.