No matter how cold the weather is, one has to live hot

When the weather is cold, I want to eat hot pot at night.

No matter how hard the day is, Just a sweaty meal, like being dragged headlong into the heat of life, always heals.

A big drop in temperature will affect people’s mood the most. Since the weather can’t bring us warmth, why not start from the heart, spend some time creating happiness by yourself, and try to be a steaming person.

At this moment, no matter where you are or what you do for a living, even if you are a person, a city, You must also live a lively life, remember to love yourself well.

Most of the happiness in autumn and winter is given by myself.

On cold days The happiest thing here is that the moment you eat delicious food, all the fatigue of the day disappears.

There is no problem in this world that cannot be solved by a good meal.

So, even if If you are lonely, you have to tell yourself to eat well.

Wake up 20 minutes early every day, eat a nutritious breakfast elegantly, milk bread, soy milk fritters, or give yourself clear soup noodles with a candied egg.

It’s a perfect start to the combat effectiveness of this day, no matter how strong or cold the wind outside is, I will not be afraid.

When it’s cold, eat some warm food at noon, we’ll talk about losing weight later, don’t order any more For takeaway, if you have time, go downstairs to eat some hot meals, one meat and one vegetarian, with a nutritious combination.

I instantly feel that in the cold city, I can deal with all kinds of life crit.

Wait until evening Sip a few mouthfuls of hot porridge at home, or go to the night market of a small shop that you often go to with your friends, have a hot pot meal, barbecue, and the time is full of happiness.

Then, the resurrection with full blood warmed the stomach and heart. End the day on a good note.

I saw a sentence Words: “It’s rare to eat so happily and confidently when eating alone.”

< br/>When we are eating, we are not disturbed by anyone, we don’t have to worry about it, and when we are happy to fill our stomachs, we have the strength to welcome a new day, and we believe that there is no What, it is a hurdle that cannot be passed.

Are you also in such a state?

It could have been two people After get off work, two people eat, two people sleep, but you choose to go to get off work alone, eat alone, sleep alone…

This kind of you go through everything alone, just because you don’t want to wrong yourself, the older you get, the more you start to understand:

Loving yourself is more reliable than anyone else loving you.

Oscar Wilde said: Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

There are people walking, of course very good.

If not, you I also want to be my own sun, and live a hot life alone.

When you are in a good mood, put on some lipstick and match your hat, clothes and shoes before going out. When the weather is fine, don’t hurry and stop Look at the scenery on the road.

At dusk after get off work, I bought myself a bouquet of flowers and walked back slowly in the wind At home, learn to cook delicious dishes and arrange beautiful dishes.

When you are free at night, turn off your mobile phone and TV, light an aromatherapy lamp in the corner of the room, read a book quietly, practice calligraphy, and learn a small skill.

Get angry again, don’t say a word of swearing, and look at the mirror in the mirror every day The man smiled and said to himself: You look so good today.

Life It’s just a long game of self-entertainment.

To please others is just a little cleverness, but to please yourself every day is considered great wisdom.

The coldness of autumn and winter, we can never escape, but we can in the cold, for Create your own warmth.

The happiest thing in this world is probably on a cold day, wearing loose and comfortable pajamas, lying on the bed, and falling asleep…
< /span>

One sleep cures all diseases, one sleep calms the world.

No matter how much today If you are frustrated, remember to brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower, turn off your phone, and sleep well.

Wait until the next day, unknowingly, upon waking up, the world is indescribably relaxed and peaceful, dappled sunlight, through the curtains, laying Full bed.

At this moment, all worries and worries are gone, stretch yourself , I feel that I really belong to myself.

It’s getting colder and colder, don’t sleep too late, don’t love too much.

At this risk In this cold world, let’s try to live with steaming heat.

Congratulations to you who read this article , have definite likes and clear dreamsThink, love, and be loved, open and frank during the day, calm and unhindered at night.

Author | Thirteen Duo, source: Meiwuji (id: huanqiukanke).

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