When a man sleeps, if these 3 places become more and more “hard”, it means that your kidneys are really good

Nowadays, men are under a lot of pressure in life, and they have a lot of entertainment, so many of them are tired of fighting. The body has varying degrees of deficiency, especially the kidney. The kidney is the source of power for men. A man with a good kidney can do everything by himself, is thoughtful, and doesn’t get tired easily. This is undoubtedly an intangible capital on the road to entrepreneurship. However, people with kidney deficiency tend to get tired when doing some work, lack of motivation, lack of thoughtfulness, and encounter obstacles in everything.

The relationship between husband and wife is the most important interpersonal relationship, and the family is our strength The backing of men’s kidneys is not only related to the health of men, but also related to the sexual happiness of the other half. It is also vital for family harmony and stability. Therefore, having a good kidney is a capital worth showing off for men. In fact, when a man with good kidneys sleeps, if these 3 spots become more and more “hard”, it means that your kidneys are not bad.

1. Strong back.

Our kidneys are located at the waist, so once there is a loss of kidney qi, the kidneys at the waist will also produce some Bad reaction, easy to cause pain. Therefore, male friends may wish to take the initiative to stretch when you wake up in the morning. If your back is strong and there is no pain, then your kidneys should be relatively strong.

2. Hard knees.

The knee is the most important joint of our body, bearing the pressure of the body to support people’s activities, when resting at night , the knees can be relaxed. If you find that your knees are still relatively hard and powerful when you sleep at night, it means that your body is sufficient and your kidneys are more powerful. If you wake up in the morning and find that your knees are not working hard and you are sleeping When you feel your knees are sore and weak, it may be that your kidneys are sending a signal to you. At this time, you need to take good care of your kidneys.

3. The quality of sleep is hard.

If the quality of sleep is not good for a long time, then you may have to pay attention to whether there is a problem with your kidneys, because long-term sleep Poor quality may lead to metabolic disorders in the body, resulting in the accumulation of toxins and garbage in the body, affecting the normal work of the kidneys. Therefore, it can be explained from another aspect that if your sleep quality is good, relatively speaking, your kidney function Also in a healthy state.

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