Treating the shortness of time dialectically is the premise of treatment. As long as you do these points, you will stay away from the shortness of time.

A lot of friends ask me, if I don’t act long enough, can it be improved?

If you want to answer this question, you must first look at your understanding of not being long enough?

Some people think that it is a short time to end after entering, some think that after entering, two or three minutes or less is a short time, and some think that it is a short time after less than half an hour, and so on.

In fact, many of the situations mentioned above are not caused by illness, but because they are too nervous, have a burden in their hearts, and are worried that they will not meet the standards; and the communication is not in place, you like this Come on, she likes to do this, or she lacks knowledge in this area and believes in the superhuman performances on the Internet, but she doesn’t know what to do.

Here to remind everyone that there are differences between men and women. For example, men are like A light bulb, when powered on, turns on when it is stimulated, and goes out when the power is cut off. Electricity, will continue to heat, this is the difference between the two.

So learn to communicate, control your emotions, and choose a way that both of you are willing to do.

If it is early due to illness, you must not take medicine indiscriminately, you should prescribe the right medicine and adjust according to the symptoms.

I used to see a patient who was 27 years old. Because he didn’t know how to restrain himself, he wished to come when he was free, which caused him to be impatient and accompanied by:

1 , sore waist and knees, mental fatigue, general weakness

2, decreased thoughts, loss of interest, clear and long urination

3, pale tongue with white coating, deep and weak pulse


Based on his experience and symptoms, the comprehensive syndrome is that the kidney qi is not solid, and the kidney does not store essence.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores the essence and is responsible for opening and closing. Under normal circumstances, the kidney seals well to prevent the essence from coming out at will. When it is time to come out, then open it to let the essence come out.

As for the patient, because he is addicted to one kind, his kidneys are consumed too much, and he cannot transform enough of his body. The kidney qi in the body is not strong, and when it has no strength, it cannot control the opening and closing of the door, so the essence inside will come out as soon as it wants, and it cannot be controlled.

So I gave him prescriptions for invigorating the kidney and strengthening essence, nourishing yin and warming yang:Astragalus, rehmannia glutinosa, coptis, cinnamon, angelica, fried Atractylodes macrocephala, calcined Keel, calcined oyster, dogwood, Chinese yam, Rosa laevigata, Ligustrum lucidum, Morinda officinalis, Schisandra chinensis, Jiuxiang worm, Luba zi, decocted in water.

After a course of treatment, the self-reported time has improved, and symptoms such as sore waist and knees, All were relieved. According to his symptoms, he added mulberry octopus to the original prescription. After two courses of conditioning, the symptoms were gone and he could fight for a long time. However, the patient was still a little worried, not confident enough, and wanted to continue conditioning, so I again Prescribed a course of Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan for him to consolidate the curative effect. Follow-up so far, no recurrence