What’s the matter with women’s itching below? is it serious? The reason is listed for you, check it yourself

Many women are more concerned about their own health, but for some abnormalities, due to embarrassment or embarrassment, some women did not go to the doctor in time, and some may think it is just a small Fault, there is no need to go to the hospital. Pruritus, for example, is a common condition.

When itching occurs, many women will not take the initiative to mention it to others. When others ask, they may also will not say. At this time, some women don’t care about it, thinking that they should be better if they eat lightly recently, and some women will buy cleaning products by themselves, thinking that they will get better after washing a few times. But in the end it was not what I thought, and the itching was not well relieved.

What the hell is going on? Is it because of gynecological diseases? Is it serious? What should I do? Today’s article will talk to you. Female friends may wish to learn about it early, and seek medical treatment in time if necessary, and don’t take the problem seriously until it becomes serious.

What is the reason for itching in women?

Let’s talk about non-pathological factors first:

This may be related to some women’s usual habits, such as wearing clothing materialsNot very good, the skin is irritated, causing itching .

For example, women are in During menstruation, sanitary napkins are not replaced in time, or the material is poor, or underwear is not cleaned in time, especially if it is dirty, it is easier to breed Bacteria, which can also affect skin health and cause itching.

It may also be that they have done bad things with good intentions. Some women wash them every day because they pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, and they also use some< /span>Pubic wash,I think it will be cleaner. But in fact, this will easily destroy the body’s own balanced bacteria, and this balance is destroyed, and pathogenic bacteria may easily invade. It can easily cause discomfort such as itching.

If it is related to these reasons, it is generally not serious and does not require special treatment. Get rid of bad habits in time and wear comfortable clothes. Pay attention to hygiene, and clean it reasonably at ordinary times, or it can be relieved.

If it is not the above reasons, the following disease factors may be considered:

Gynecological inflammation

Inflammation is a high incidence of gynecological diseases, and the skin is affected , itching occurs. Not only that, but it is often accompanied by discomfort such as pain, increased discharge or abnormal color.

And there are different types of inflammation, different types, The coping methods are different. I would like to remind female friends not to use drugs indiscriminately. Only symptomatic drugs are useful. For example, there are several types of vaginitis: ①Trichomoniasis ②Bacterial ③Fungal ④ Senile. You must first seek medical attention to determine what kind of situation you are in, and then intervene in the symptoms.

Skin Disease

Itching is a typical manifestation of skin diseases, such asvulvar eczema, in addition, it may be accompanied by redness and swelling.

For skin problems, remind everyone not to smear ointments on your own, such as erythromycin ointment, which is regarded as a “magic medicine” by many people. Not suitable for all skin diseases, and it is not suitable for long-term use.

Pubic lice

Head lice and head lice both belong to pediculosis, itching is also a typical manifestation of this small bug, and most of them are Itching is unbearable.

Lice disease was relatively common decades ago, when people’s sanitation conditions were limited, but now some people will grow, except did not pay attention to thisOne point, it is also related to a very important reason:It is contagious, and sexual transmission is the main way.

Condyloma acuminatum

This problem may also cause itching and pain , and it can also be transmitted, sexual contact and indirect transmission through contaminated items such as bath towels and towels.

However, if this is the case, it is usually accompanied by other obvious manifestations, such as There will be small pimples on the skin, as time goes on, they will become larger or more,in the shape of chicken comb or cauliflower< /span>.

If itching is related to these reasons, then women should pay more attention to it, and take targeted measures to intervene in time to improve the discomfort .

So, what should we do?

No matter which of these problems, it is recommended that women should not procrastinate, let alone scratch, and do not use drugs indiscriminately, and seek medical examination in time , according to the cause, under the guidance of a doctor, take drug treatment, external drug treatment, or other treatments.

In addition, during the treatment period, we should also pay attention to developing a good life More attention should be paid to habits, especially diet and personal hygiene. In terms of diet, don’t eat spicy food during the period, so as not to aggravate the discomfort and affect the treatment effect, In terms of cleaning, don’t overdo it, just be reasonable.

For contagious diseases, we should also pay attention to blocking the transmission, and usuallydo not share with family members Toiletries such as towels. If there arepubic lice, it is necessaryto remove pubic hair, so that it cannot continue to reproduce, is conducive to treatment.

Finally, I also hope that women can adjust their mentality, don’t scare yourself. Many times, the problems that arise are not terrible. What is terrible is your own mentality. Whether it’s itching or other discomforts, it’s not advisable to shy away from medical treatment. Intervene in time when minor problems are found to avoid dragging them into major troubles.

The above is the relevant content about itching, through the whole Based on the understanding of this article, I believe that female friends already know the various causes of itching, check with your own situation, check one by one, and don’t take it seriously all the time. Especially if there are other symptoms of discomfort at the same time, more attention should be paid to it, and it is better to check it as soon as possible.