Oral ulcers are vitamin deficiencies? Long-term vitamin supplements can prevent disease? the answer is different than what you think

Mom: What’s wrong? There are so many dishes, but none of them you want to eat?

Daughter: I am wronged, mom, it’s not that I don’t want to eat, because I have oral ulcers again…

Mom: Didn’t your period of time just happen and grow again? It is estimated that you do not eat well at ordinary times, and you are deficient in vitamins. Isn’t it said that this is related to the lack of vitamin C?

Daughter: I don’t know, wait until it gets better this time, if it starts again soon, I’ll go to the hospital to have a look.

Mom: You don’t need to go to the hospital for a minor ailment, just supplement with vitamins. Now I went to the hospital and checked a lot, but nothing was found in the end, so I spent a lot of money.

Daughter: What you said, can you find out something?

Many people may have the same idea as this mother, thinking that long ulcers are due to lack of vitamins, and it is enough to pay attention to supplements. As for vitamins, many people think that the human body needs them, but a little more and a little less will have little effect.

Many people now pay attention to health preservation, and some people think that eating it every day will help prevent diseases in the long run. Regarding vitamins, what you know may not be correct. Next, I will talk to you. After reading it, I hope you will get out of the misunderstanding and have a correct understanding of it.

Why do oral ulcers develop? Is it really a vitamin deficiency?

In fact, under normal circumstances, eat a reasonable diet at ordinary times, and there will be no shortage. If difficulty absorbing vitamins, the problem may be caused by a deficiency.

Mouth ulcers are mostly related to the following reasons:

Usualfood taste is too heavy, often eat spicy hot pot, hot food, which is not good for oral cavity and esophageal health.

Not paying attention to oral hygiene is also a point, not brushing teeth, often eating supper at night, and not brushing teeth after eating, easy< strong>Grow bacteria,affect the oral environment, and then affect its health.

Generally speaking, this problem is not big, but I want to remind everyone that if it does not get better for a long time, for example< span>It lasts for one or two months,It is recommended to pay attention to it.

Do you really know about vitamins? Eating every day can prevent diseases?

Sub-health is a condition that many people have now. In order to improve this phenomenon, some people will buy vitamins to eat, and some people will buy them specially Expensive, or compound, think that as long as you insist on eating, you can protect your health and prevent diseases.

However, I would like to remind everyone that this may not only have no good effect in the end, but may also hurt the body and bring serious adverse effects. There is not no news about liver failure caused by taking a lot of vitamin tablets.

When replenishing more than the body needs< span>, it may produce related toxicity, which not only increases the burden on the body, but also easily causes various discomforts.

For example: long-term excessive vitamin D supplementation is easy to increasehypercalcemia< /strong>Risk, and may affect kidney function. Long-term excessive vitamin B supplementation can easily cause itching, burning and other abnormalities.

If you usually eat a normal and reasonable diet, you generally don’t have to worry too much, as it can meet your body’s needs. In the case of a relatively healthy diet, there is no need to take extra vitamin tablets. One of the principles is not to lack or to supplement.


It is the second one to make up as much as is missing Principle. If you have the following conditions, you can supplement it appropriately:

①Three meals a day are irregular, often missing this meal or that pause.

②Frequent picky eaters, single diet structure, such as perennial Only vegetarian or only meat.

The working status is quite special, such as often Extremely nervous for a long time, watching the computer for a long time.

④ Long-term use of some drugs, such as for Sugar friends who take metformin for a long time are prone to lack of vitamin b12, and it is necessary to supplement it appropriately.

⑤Always drink alcohol.

In these situations where supplementation is required, it is necessary to supplement scientifically and rationally under the guidance of a doctor, and it is not advisable to supplement randomly G. Some people think that the more expensive the better, the more types of vitamins it contains, the better, but it is not true, the best is the one that suits you.

In addition, the lack of different vitamins in the human body will cause different physical performance, and it will only work if it is supplemented correctly. So, when the body is deficient, what signal will it give? Check to see if you need supplements? Which to make up?

Vitamin A deficiency, the skin will give a reminder, become rough and dry, and prone to acne.

Vitamin B deficiency, the nervous system will be affected, and the body is prone to tingling Sensation, tingling.

Vitamin C deficiency, it is easier to catch a cold and the wound recovery is slower.

Vitamin D deficiency will affect bone health and affect the body’s ability to use calcium and phosphorus uptake.

Vitamin E deficiency, abnormal hair, such as split ends Dry.

Vitamin K deficiency, will affect blood coagulation function and easily cause bleeding.

Generally speaking, taking vitamin tablets is not the first supplementary method to be considered. If there is not much shortage, I suggest everyone Start with diet. These nutrients in food are more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. If this method fails to achieve better results, vitamin tablets can be properly supplemented under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, I also remind everyone to pay attention to the formal Channel purchase, and select qualified products. For some elderly people suffering from chronic diseases, you have to take it correctly.Do not use nutritional supplements such as vitamins instead of medicines for treating diseases.

In short, the human body needs a variety of vitamins, but too little or too much will not work. For those who are deficient, it is necessary to improve in time, but it should be scientific and reasonable, and it is not suitable to supplement in large quantities for a long time. For those who are not lacking, don’t blindly follow the trend, and don’t feel anxious because others make up for you but don’t make up for it. what is missingWhat, compare and see the physical performance of the lack of the above vitamins, do you have it? If necessary, it should be supplemented in time.