The male tenant squatted on the toilet to go to the toilet, and the toilet exploded with a bang, so don’t just step on the toilet seat

In ancient times, there were officials who left their hometowns and fell in love with the moon. It was a desolate place. Today, there are men wandering outside, renting a house, squatting on the toilet, and there is a bang, and the toilet explodes. …..

Recently there was a man in Hefei, Anhui. Outside to earn a living. Although he is a man, he is also very concerned about hygiene. I rented a house with a room and a bathroom, and the room is my own, but the bathroom is “everyone’s”. These people are the other 6 tenants who rent in this house like the men. These few people share a bathroom, and the sanitary condition of this toilet is naturally uneasy.

Although the tenant is a man, he also pays great attention to personal hygiene. Every time he goes to the toilet, he squats down , but why did the toilet blow up when the toilet was squatting?

According to the description of the male tenant, I don’t know what’s going on, As usual, I just put one leg on, but before the other leg went up, the toilet collapsed and shattered to the ground. At that time, I was a little dazed. Later, when the landlord lost money, he also said that he would never dare to squat on the toilet again. One day, if his butt bloomed again, the gain would not be worth the loss.

It is estimated that many people who are wandering outside like this male tenant are renting houses outside, but the single room and the bathroom are very expensive. If you share the bathroom, it is a bit uncomfortable to wash clothes and go to the toilet. Especially this toilet, the hygienic situation is indeed worthy of concern.

How big is the “risk factor” of a shared toilet?

In addition to squatting on the toilet like men, some people directly use “acrobatics” , the way of “squatting on horseback”. It’s mainly because the toilet seat is cold, but if you feel that there is still warmth on the toilet seat, it feels even worse.

Although the toilet was introduced into China from abroad, in fact, foreigners are more or less worried about the toilet seat. A research survey in the UK shows that , When they go to the public toilet, they usually put their buttocks up, a few of them wipe it and then sit on it, and only a few people choose to sit on it directly.

Although they are all “shared”, but if family members share with strangers, the attitude definitely seems to be different, more or less< /span>I feel a little bit resistant to the toilet outside. Everyone’s skin is in close contact with the toilet, and if anyone has an infectious disease, he may be infected, but the family members know everything about it.

Everyone is worried about public toilets, the doctor has something to say

< span>A gynecologist at the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou said that the chances of using public restrooms to get infected are very, very small.< /span>Just before using the public toiletWipe it with a disinfectant wipe, but after going to the toilet Also wash your hands well. Never do squatting on the toilet, because if you accidentally slip it, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Because the toilet seat is that smooth, It is not suitable for the growth of bacteria. What really contains viruses is actually feces, which will be washed away, and what really needs to worry about viruses is actually flushing People who defecate by themselves, becauseWhen flushing, the germs in the feces will splash out a little, and the range will reach 6 meters, and there will be

The World Health Organization once gave an epidemic prevention suggestion for the prevention of the new crown epidemic, that is, it is recommended to cover the toilet lid before flushing to prevent germs from being flushed out.

If your buttocks touch the toilet seat, what you are afraid of is getting fecesIt is convenient, but when sitting on the toilet, it is usually the thighs, and no one will put the private parts on the toilet. And not to mention toilets, the public tableware, public seats, and shared bicycles you use every day are actually no different from public toilets. The resistance in your heart is probably also the resistance to feces.

Arizona University Professor of Microbial and Environmental Science said, in fact< strong>If the toilet seat is disinfected regularly, it will be very clean.In contrast, what you have to worry about is the chopping board for cutting vegetables at home. The bacteria on it are worse than the toilet A lot.

Thinking about the past when China was not as prosperous as it is now, Before the high-rise buildings in the city were up, almost every household was not squatting in the pit. Although it was smelly, it would be fine if you took off your pants and squatted for a while when you went to the toilet, but there were too many mosquitoes, and you had to regularly clean the cesspool behind. Going to the toilet was a bit smelly. . But now because of the emergence of toilets, although some households and public places are squatting pits, they are also flushing. There is no “open” type in China before, and you can directly see the feces, which makes people sick.

Compared with flushing toilets and flushing pits, who is cleaner?

As mentioned above, as long as the toilet seat is cleaned regularly, it will be fine. If you are afraid that the feces will be “splashed out” when flushing, just cover the lid and flush the toilet. However, because of the structure of the squatting pit, the momentum of the water must be greater than that of the toilet to flush the squatting pit clean. In this case, the risk factor is actually dirtier than the toilet, becauseThe squatting pit has no cover to cover the opening to prevent water from splashing out.

So, in fact, you don’t need to be wary of public toilets, because there are mobile phones you use every day in other public areas The germ count is no better than a toilet. Every time you use a public toilet, you only need to clean it with a wet tissue before using it, and the hygiene of the toilet at home cannot be ignored.

How to clean the toilet at home?

In fact, the frequency of cleaning is different for each person. Some people clean every day, and some people only move when they are dirty. In fact, cleaning once every 3 days is the best Yes, just rinse withsoapy water. But some people have urinary tract infections in their families, so they should clean the toilet regularly, especially the toilet seat and flush button.

When cleaning the toilet, clean the inside first, especiallydrain, and then the inner edge of the toiletIt is easy to have dirty things, so be sure to clean the toilet Belighter to prevent the water from splashing out. The last thing is to clean the toilet seat and disinfect it with disinfectant.

In short, no matter where the toilet is, it is best to cover the lid before flushing. If you try to squat, you can choose garbage If the bucket is not full, less people use it during the day. It is necessary to clean the toilet at home regularly, once every three days, depending on the situation.