What will happen to a person with spleen deficiency? 4 points are abnormal, indicating that the spleen and stomach should be well nourished

Spleen deficiency is a term in traditional Chinese medicine, which refers to a series of pathological phenomena caused by the decline of spleen function and weakness, including various types. Long-term lack of balance between work and rest, disease progression, poor physical condition, and improper diet can easily lead to spleen damage. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the signs of spleen deficiency. If you have it yourself, take good methods to recuperate and improve organ function. , the ability to absorb nutrients can be enhanced.

What are the warnings for spleen deficiency?

1. Thin body

Spleen deficiency will have different manifestations depending on the type, but most people are thinner under the influence of spleen deficiency, unable to Keep your weight normal. According to the standard weight calculation formula, healthy people can conclude that their height and weight ratio is appropriate, and the indicators will not be too high or too low.

But some people are not affected by obesity, but give people a thinthin span>, I feel weak, and my weight has not reached the standard. The reason is that spleen deficiency affects the absorption of nutrients. Although the food is obtained normally, the body cannot absorb these nutrients normally, and the nutritional supply is insufficient for a long time, and the weight is usually lost.

2. Abnormal defecation

Spleen deficiency should not be underestimated, because there are People with spleen deficiency repeatedly have abnormal defecation. Healthy people defecate regularly, and when they go to the toilet, they will find that the excreted feces are long strips, yellowish brown, state, color, etc. Special changes, Defecate once or twice a day, and feel like going to the toilet at a fixed time.

As a result of spleen deficiency, the spleen becomes weak, which is equivalent to poor digestion.Often Sexual indigestion, excreted stools will be deformed, and it is easy to go to the toilet many times a day, and sometimes symptoms similar to diarrhea. If there are consistent disease signals, it is likely to be spleen-yang deficiency.

3. Burnout

Many people suffer fromspleen deficiency and are affected by itMental state deteriorates, always feeling fatigue. People who maintain health get normal nutrition absorption, energy can also be provided to maintain normal life activities, sleep with high quality every day, and naturally have motivation when waking up, and can devote themselves to work and study normally without inexplicable fatigue or lack of motivation.

But continued to be affected by spleen deficiency, the state is getting worse and worse,Besides the weakness of the body, the whole body Couldn’t keep up mentally well, felt very lethargic, tired. If this happens for a long time, you should find out the reason, and timelyregulate spleen deficiency.

4. Body edema

Pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach, the body can digest normally, and absorb nutrients in time, so that health can be guaranteed. But some people have long-termspleen deficiencyIf not adjusted correctly, edema will appear.

Edema can be manifested in many places, such asfacial edema, lower extremity edema . Keep the spleen healthy, improve the ability to transport and transform water and dampness, and the metabolic waste produced will be excreted through normal channels, so the body is relaxed and the body shape is normal. However, continuous spleen deficiency does not pay attention to maintenance, and metabolic waste will continue to accumulate, and more and more moisture will be produced and cannot be excreted, usually resulting in edema.