Can’t move after waking up because of a “ghost pressing the bed”? How to avoid this situation? A popular science

Many people have had such a strange experience when sleeping: when they wake up, they are clearly conscious, but their bodies cannot move. No matter how hard they try, their bodies remain motionless.

This kind of experience inevitably makes everyone feel very scary, and the folks will use “ghost press” to explain this phenomenon, which makes people even more frightened!

And some people can have this phenomenon of “ghost pressing the bed” several times a month, which has caused a great impact on life, even by burning incense and worshiping Buddha, trying to prevent this phenomenon from happening Happen again. So, was unable to move after waking up, did you really encounter a “ghost pressing the bed”?

In fact, the term “ghost press” is not scientific, it is just a superstition attached to this strange phenomenon by ordinary people. At present, there is no science to prove that there are ghosts and gods in the world. Therefore, people who have the phenomenon of “ghost pressing the bed” should not scare themselves anymore! In fact, according to the explanation of modern science, “ghost press” is the emergence of sleep paralysis.

The human brain is a magical existence, and the activities of the human body are all controlled by the brain. After falling asleep, the brain and body will enter a state of relaxation, but the brain is not completely unconscious. In order to prevent emergencies that cannot be dealt with in time, the brain will still have some consciousness.

If the human body is extremely excited or very tired, the cooperation between the brain and the body will be affected, and the coordination between the two cannot be negotiated in time After the brain wakes up, The tension of the body has not fully recovered, and it cannot cooperate with the instructions of the brain, so the body cannot move.

There is no need to be too nervous when sleep paralysis occurs, keep calm mentally, you can try to move parts< /strong>, such as eyes, mouth, hands, feet, etc., and then move the body to restore the state of freedom of movement.

If sleep paralysis occurs many times in a month, you should pay attention to it. It is likely that you have been too tired and stressed recently, and your body is warning you!

So, how can we avoid sleep paralysis?

First of all, avoid getting too excited before going to bed. If the brain is in an abnormally excited state, the quality of sleep will definitely be affected, and you will be more likely to suffer from “ghost pressure”.

Therefore, before going to bed, you should make preparations, relax, avoid watching exciting and frightening videos, try to empty your mind, Avoid burdening yourself with too much thought, and you can also use meditation and other methods to improve sleep.

Secondly, choosing a suitable pillow is also very important. The height of the pillow has a great impact on the quality of sleep. It is generally recommended that the height of the pillow be kept at 8~15cm, which can make sleep more comfortable. Too hard or too soft pillows are not good for sleep.

Also pay attention to regular exercise. Exercise can improve the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, and can also enhance muscle strength, keeping the body in good condition, and can also help prevent “ghost pressure” happened.

It can be seen that “ghost pressing” is not as scary as folks say, it is just a manifestation of sleep paralysis. Just wake yourself up.

Avoid getting too excited before going to bed, choose a suitable pillow, and exercise regularly can also prevent it from happening.