What should I do if the low pressure rises? Which antihypertensive drugs are better for low pressure?

Hua Zi saw a message from a fan, saying that his high pressure (systolic blood pressure) is not high, only low pressure (diastolic blood pressure) increases, what is the reason for this, and what antihypertensive drugs are used to control it Low pressure, the effect will be better?

Hua Zi said that all antihypertensive drugs reduce high pressure and low pressure together, and there is no antihypertensive drug that reduces low pressure alone. There are different types of elevated low pressure. The use of drugs such as Puli, Sartan or Lool can produce better control of low pressure, and how to choose a drug, heart rate is an important indication.

One, first understand what low pressure is

We all know that blood pressure is divided into high pressure and low pressure, and high pressure is closely related to the elasticity of large arteries. The elasticity of the aorta in the elderly is weakened. When the heart contracts, the aorta cannot fully expand to accommodate blood, resulting in an increase in the pressure of the heart pumping blood, which is manifested as increased high pressure. However, the elasticity of the large arteries in young people is acceptable, and the resistance of the heart during systole is not large, so the high pressure generally does not increase.

Low pressure is the pressure on the blood by the walls of the blood vessels during diastole, when the large arteries elastically recoil. Factors related to low pressure include the resistance of peripheral arteries in addition to the elasticity of the aorta. The greater the elasticity of the aorta, the greater the peripheral resistance and the higher the low pressure.

Good arterial elasticity is good for health, so the main factor affecting low pressure is peripheral arterial resistance.

2. Why does peripheral arterial resistance increase

1. Sympathetic nervous system hyperexcitability: The reason for the increase in low pressure in some people is that the sympathetic nervous system is overexcited. The typical manifestation is increased resting heart rate strong>, while the low pressure rises, the resting heart rate exceeds 80 beats per minute.

2. Excessive secretion of renin: There is a renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) in the human body. When renin is secreted too much, It can cause the RAAS to be overactivated, resulting in increased blood pressure, but not generally increased heart rate. Go to the hospital for renin related tests to assist in the diagnosis.

These two reasons are caused by smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, elevated blood lipids, irregular work and rest, excessive mental stress, kidney disease and other factors.

Three, the choice of antihypertensive drugs depends on the heart rate

Commonly used antihypertensive drugs, there are 5 kinds of antihypertensive drugs, such as dipine, pril, sartan, lorol, and diuretics. Among them, Puri and sartan have a significant inhibitory effect on RAAS; Lol has an inhibitory effect on sympathetic nerves.

Therefore, if the sympathetic nerve is overexcited, it is suitable to use lorol drugs; if it is excessive renin secretion, it is suitable to use puli drugs or sartans drugs

/strong>, it should be noted that you can choose one of puri and sartan, and the two drugs cannot be used in combination.

When choosing medication, resting heart rate is an important reference indicator. If it is greater than 80, it is inclined to choose Lorra; if it is less than 80, it is inclined to choose Puli or satan. Due to the adverse reactions of Puli drugs that are easy to cause dry cough, sartans are now more commonly used.

Four, life intervention to lower blood pressure

Only people with elevated low pressure are mostly young and middle-aged people. This type of blood pressure is the early stage of high blood pressure. The aorta has not been damaged. As long as it can be controlled in time, it will generally not cause Serious consequences.

The increase in low pressure is particularly closely related to lifestyle, and many people can effectively control the increase in low pressure by losing weight and exercising regularly. People who are under too much pressure in life, or who have long-term anxiety, depression and other negative emotions, after getting rid of the stress or relieving their emotions, the low pressure is likely to return to normal.

However, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, you need the help of a psychiatrist to get out of it.

To sum up, if only the low pressure rises, it means that the elasticity of the large arteries is normal, and it is only the early stage of high blood pressure. Timely control will avoid organ damage. When choosing a drug, resting heart rate is an important reference, which can help us distinguish whether there is a problem with the sympathetic nervous system or the renin system, so as to choose the most appropriate antihypertensive drug.

The medicine should be used under the guidance of a doctor. If you have any doubts about the medicine, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. I am Huazi, a pharmacist. Welcome to follow me and share more health knowledge.

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