What should I do if I am not strong but not strong?

Hello everyone, I am Wang Shiping, a Chinese medicine doctor. This is a problem that many male friends will face. The occurrence of impotence will cause great trouble to men. How to solve it? Let me tell you today that erection problems are generally related to dysfunction of the liver, kidney, heart, and spleen in Chinese medicine. Impotence in young people is mostly related to mental and emotional disorders. The common symptoms are stagnation of liver qi, manifested as irritability, fullness in the chest and flanks, loss of appetite, and dry mouth and bitter mouth. For patients with this type of syndrome, traditional Chinese medicine usually adopts the method of soothing the liver and relieving depression. There will be no signs of weakness. I am Wang Shiping, a Chinese medicine doctor. I have been studying impotence and premature ejaculation for more than 40 years. Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment, one person and one side. If you also have this problem, follow me, type the number 1 in the comment area, and I will reply one by one.