Japanese girls spend millions on plastic surgery, and the difference between before and after is not big. Netizens call out: This money is spent unjustly

The times are developing rapidly, and people’s ideas have changed. The ancients believed that their parents should not damage their skin, but modern people think that becoming beautiful is a long-term investment. , for this reason, they can use all means, such as using a knife on the face and plastic surgery on the body. Many people are dissatisfied with their appearance, and they will make adjustments through plastic surgery to make themselves more beautiful.

Japanese girls spend millions Plastic surgery, the difference between before and after is not big, netizens said: this money is not spent

Many people choose to adjust their appearance through plastic surgery, although the effect is immediate, but it needs Spent a lot of energy and financial resources to take risks. It is a very good method for female friends who want to quickly become beautiful. This aesthetic is relatively abstract. Everyone has a different view on beauty. As the saying goes, each carrot and cabbage has its own favorite.

The beautiful appearance you want may become obsolete in a few years. There is no shortage of handsome men and beautiful women in our country because of plastic surgery, they are getting uglier case.

Keiko is from Japan and is 19 years old. years. Girls at this stage have the best looks, skin and figure, but Keiko has undergone plastic surgery many times. It’s hard to imagine that we have to choose the best youth to go under the knife.

So this technology is very mature now, but there are still a lot of uncertainties. Once a risk occurs, the consequences will be borne by yourself. In mild cases, sequelae are left, and in severe cases, they are paralyzed and die.

The reason why Keiko went for plastic surgery was because her confession was rejected . During his adolescence, he longed for love, and after some struggles, he confessed to a boy. After careful preparation, he put on his best clothes and put on a delicate makeup. Who could have imagined, the boy refused on the spot and made him very embarrassed, complaining about Keiko’s outfit and appearance. This made him very sad, so Keiko felt that she failed to confess because she was not beautiful enough. Hence the idea of ​​a facelift.

After hearing the news, his parents naturally firmly opposed it,< strong>On the one hand, the family conditions are limited, on the other hand, the risk is too great, and Keiko is still young, and there will be a lot of changes in the future. But Keiko has been dazed by her inferiority complex, depressed and depressed, and even committed suicide many times, crying bitterly, telling her appearance and what ridicule she has brought.

After a lot of tossing, the parents finally agreed. The first plastic surgery session simply adjusted the double eyelids and nose. After recovering, her appearance has risen several degrees, she is getting more and more beautiful, and she has gained a lot. Pay attention and praise. Because he wants to have plastic surgery again and become more perfect.

In the following period of time, he spent millions of yen, and his appearance changed a lot Big change. But when someone protects him, he has a very fake face, a bit like the silicone feel of a Barbie doll’s face. If there is no beauty camera, Keiko’s state is even more scary. But compared with the previous photos, the gap between the front and the back is not too big, so netizens said that it is not worth spending so much money to get this look, and it is too much money spent.

But Keiko believes that she spends money on plastic surgery to satisfy herself, It’s not to make others like to please others, so I don’t care about others’ opinions at all. Keiko’s style is gradually leaning towards loli, and she gained a large number of fans by posting photos and videos on the Internet. She should be considered a well-known little internet celebrity.

There are many people who are as anxious about appearance as Keiko in life. Because of the frustration of their appearance, they choose plastic surgery to make themselves better pretty. Don’t care about the process at all. Just want results.

Speaking of which, plastic surgery is risky, and you need to be cautious about becoming beautiful , the road of plastic surgery is developing rapidly, and the aesthetics are constantly changing. If you blindly pursue beauty and want to become beautiful, do you have to follow the times and repeatedly adjust the knife on your face? As the saying goes, beauty is in the bones but not in the skin, so there is no need to pay too much attention to the appearance. The beauty of the soul is not a kind of beauty.