What kind of tea to drink, what kind of health, have you found the tea that suits you?

Tea was originally a blind medicine in herbal medicine.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” says: “Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, encountered seventy-two poisons every day, and got tea to solve them.”

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” talks about tea: bitter, sweet, slightly cold, and non-toxic… Drinking warm will cause the fire to drop due to coldness, and drinking hot will cause the tea to The fire energy rises and disperses, and it also relieves the poison of alcohol and food, making people refreshed, and not dizzy or sleepy. This tea also works.

For thousands of years, this small leaf, nourished by the sun and rain, has shown its strengths and flavors in the hands of tea masters.

Every kind of tea has its own character. According to the tea making process and the degree of fermentation, the temperature of the tea will change The taste is different, and the bodily sensations brought to people when drinking are also different. For example, people with severe internal heat and high liver fire can drink green tea at this time, while people with weak spleen and stomach are suitable for black tea and black tea, and people with phlegm and dampness can drink old white tea…

In addition, tea drinking also varies with seasons and regions. There are so many teas, how to choose the tea that suits you, let’s take a look!

Green tea|| >Features: No fermentation, fresh taste

There are only three steps in the process of making green tea: greening, rolling, and drying. Because there is no fermentation, green tea still retains tea polyphenols, catechlorophyll and other substances, such as washed jadeite, which is fresh, fragrant and tender.

Teacher Xu Wenbing once said that slightly bitter green tea is more suitable for drinking in spring or in hot and humid environments.

Green tea grows early in spring, enters the liver, and has a spicy fragrance, such as tea picked before Qingming or Grain Rain, these The characteristic of tea is that it is especially good at refreshing and growing hair, which can transform the food accumulated throughout the winter into Qi and spirit.

People who are prone to sleepiness, dryness, and rising anger in spring can use new tea to clear their minds, calm their minds, and clear their minds.

Old White Tea|| span>

Features: no frying or kneading, one year of tea, three years of medicine, seven years of treasure

There is a popular saying in Fuding: “White tea is one year of tea, three years of medicine, and seven years of treasure”. After the new leaves are picked, they will wither naturally without frying or kneading, and have a faint sunshine smell. After years of precipitation, it turns into a clear and transparent brown color and a mild tea aroma, which is an unmatched quality of new tea.

White tea has not been fermented, so it retains more catechins. Catechin has a strong antioxidant effect, can remove free radicals that cause aging, and promote fat burning.

Drinking white tea often can boost the functions of body organs, make the complexion ruddy, eliminate bacteria and deodorize, and is good for eczema and high cholesterol Promotes conditioning effect. In addition, white tea can better regulate endocrine and maintain the normal secretion of estrogen.The content of flavonoids is also very high, especially for women.

However, the nature of white tea is slightly cold, and as it ages, the nature of the tea will change from cold to warm. People who are afraid of cold should drink as much as possible Old white tea more than three years old.

Yellow tea|| span>

Features: slightly fermented, softer than green tea

yellow Among the six major types of tea, tea is the least common type of tea. It is made by slightly fermenting green tea. The most distinctive feature is “yellow leaf yellow soup”.

In terms of taste, it not only retains the freshness of green tea , and also add a bit of “glycol” of yellow tea, compared with green tea, the efficacy is not reduced, and the coldness is reduced. For those who prefer the refreshing taste of green tea but have a cold spleen and stomach, drinking yellow tea is the best choice.

Yellow tea is retting tea, in the process of retting, it will produce a lot of digestive enzymes, which is most beneficial to the spleen and stomach, indigestion, appetite Sluggishness, laziness and obesity can all be melted by drinking. In addition, yellow tea has the effect of promoting body fluid, which can replenish yin fluid to the body and relieve spring dryness, so it is very suitable for drinking in this season.

Black tea|| >

Features: full fermentation, mild, suitable for most people

The process of making black tea changes the color of the tea leaves from green to brown, removes the green and astringent gas, and makes the tea more restrained and milder. It has a gentle aroma and attractive color. It can warm the stomach most. People with weak constitutions can drink black tea This fermented, reduced cold tea.

As a fully fermented tea, black tea can help gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite, diuretic and reduce swelling, and its rich flavonoids can eliminate free The base has anti-acidification effect and reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction.

Black tea and jasmine: Jasmine is as white as jade, possessing heaven and earth The fragrance of Qingming can promote Qi and relieve stagnation, disperse knots in the heart, and freshen the breath. As praised by the ancients, it can “relieve all stale qi in the chest”. Warm black tea paired with jasmine, not only warms the stomach, but also has the effect of promoting qi and rejuvenating depression.

Black tea|| Three highs

Features: Long fermentation time, more fragrant

< span>Among the six major teas in China, black tea is very “gentle”It is one of the most effective in digesting food and relieving greasiness, and regulating the gastrointestinal function.

Dark tea is a fully fermented tea. During the fermentation process, some irritating substances in the tea will be oxidized, making the quality of the tea more It is mild and will not irritate the gastric mucosa. Regular drinking can nourish the stomach. Anyone who loves tea knows that black tea is a treasure, with high nutritional value, and it gets better and better with age.

Fuzhuan brick tea is the best among dark teas, the most The famous one is the lush “golden flower” in the tea brick. Friends who have just come into contact with Fuzhuan brick tea will find a little yellow granular substance after prying it open. Don’t think it is moldy, throw it into the trash can.

Those dots of golden yellow particles are “golden flowers”. Confidential protected strains. It is a natural probiotic body grown by Fu tea under specific temperature and humidity conditions through the “flowering” process. It has magical effects such as regulating human metabolism, supplementing dietary nutrition, digesting and invigorating the stomach, removing greasy, losing weight, sterilizing, and reducing inflammation. It can also regulate the three highs, calm the nerves and help sleep.

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