When drinking, why put a bottle of mineral water on the table, it turns out that it has these 3 functions

Some friends may find such a phenomenon when they attend a party. Some people always see one or two bottles next to the table and chopsticks when talking about wine. Mineral water, not to say how big the bottle is, but you can always see it. Why?

Don’t think that this water has ordinary uses , I just want to drink water, not liquor or beer. On the contrary, it promotes the whole process of drinking, and also slows down the release rhythm.

Remove miscellaneous smell

In a qualified wine bureau, there will always be various dishes. If you are from Shandong, you may have Shandong cuisine, and if you are from Northeast China, you may have meat in a pot, farm stew, etc., which are so common, so there will always be dishes with different flavors at different banquets, and we want to drink and chat , and want to eat vegetables, there will always be such contradictions in it.

For example, this dish is really delicious, but sometimes the aroma of the dish does not dissipate in the mouth, so we have to pick up a glass of fine wine Toast each other between friends, so when drinking it, the aroma of the wine is often not easy for people to taste, because the aroma of the dish is too strong. Therefore, the fragrance of the liquor is covered up.

So some people choose to rinse their mouths with this mineral water , and then began to toast one by one to express their respect, so this mineral water can effectively remove impurities to enjoy the mellow aroma of liquor more quietly and purely.

Dilute alcohol

When we drink, we always Drinking for two hours or four hours at a time, then this long-term inhalation of alcohol will also have a certain impact on our body. Some people’s liver may not be able to stand the attack of alcohol, and their face will be full after drinking a little alcohol. Red and vomiting.

Then we need a bottle of mineral water to dilute so much alcohol in our body to prevent it from causing some damage to our body It is necessary etiquette to effectively allow us to communicate with people normally and maintain a clear state of consciousness, so that we can not be too gaffe, and express casualness and disrespect to guests. So don’t look at the small bottle of mineral water, but it really solves some big consequences caused by some small problems we inadvertently in the wine bureau.

Prevent dry mouth

After talking about the first two points, let’s go back to the most essential and simple reason. Water is the source of life, and no one can do without it. Wine is food. Essence, although water is also a liquid, it is different from mineral water in many ways. If you just drink alcohol or eat vegetables, sometimes your mouth will become dry, so you need mineral water to moisten your throat and moisten your throat. Nourish your throat.


We speak better and communicate with people, these are Very necessary factors are indispensable, so don’t underestimate the efficacy of this mineral water, don’t think that the water you drink every day can’t be served on the table or a large banquet. If you think this way, you are completely wrong. .