What kind of examination is the PET-CT mentioned in “All About Dr. Tang”?

I wonder if you guys have been watching All About Dr. Tang recently.

This drama mainly tells the story of Tang Jiayu, director of cardiac surgery at Anhe Hospital, and his colleagues, who solved 28 difficult and rare heart disease cases and successfully developed a domestically produced “full magnetic levitation artificial heart”.

And in a recent drama, Xue Zhenglun, the director of the former Renwai Hospital, suffered from an extremely rare cardiovascular disease. Sarcoma, considering the comprehensive consideration of identity and selfishness, decided to conceal the condition and conduct secret diagnosis and treatment in Anhe Hospital.

Although the surgery participants kept Xue Lao’s condition as secret as possible, in the end, one surgery Pre-examination — was noticed by colleagues during a full-body scan of the radionuclide.

Dr. Tang mentioned in the play—-To diagnose whether cancer cells have metastasized, a radionuclide whole body scan is required.

Why does Mr. Xue need to do this inspection? What is this inspection?

PET-CT, what is it?

Radionuclide whole-body scan, also known as PET-CT imaging.

The so-called PET-CT is actually an examination method that combines PET and CT, which can help doctors detect cancer at an early stage. PET is responsible for providing the function and metabolism of the lesions. Detailed information, and CT images can show the specific location of the lesion.

Because the sensitivity and resolution of this inspection method are better than other inspection methods, images of all parts of the patient’s body can be seen with only one imaging, so it is often used as an early diagnosis and stage of disease. Tool of.

Generally speaking, PET-CT can detect these 3 diseases:

I. Malignant tumors

The diseases most commonly used in PET-CT are malignant tumors, such as breast cancer, lymphoma and lung cancer Wait.

For these diseases, PET-CT examination has a high accuracy rate, which can not only understand whether the tumor has metastasized, but also can accurately divide the scope of tumor metastasis, so as to provide Subsequent treatment can help.

Second, neurological diseases

PET-CT can also diagnose some neurological diseases, such as ischemic cerebrovascular diseases.

Through this inspection method, not only can we understand the development of the disease, but also can judge the damage of brain function after the onset of the patient.

III. Cardiovascular disease

Except In addition, doctors can also use PET-CT to understand the location of cardiovascular disease. The most common cardiovascular disease is coronary heart disease.

PET-CT can accurately judge the patient’s diseased area and myocardial vitality. After the doctor has a full understanding of the disease, he can choose the appropriate treatment method for the patient according to the examination results.

In addition, if the patient has undergone surgical treatment, PET-CT can effectively help the patient understand the postoperative effect and better promote the recovery of the disease.

Due to the advantages of precise positioning in one imaging, doctors can use PET-CT to detect diseases at an early stage.

Not only that, this test can also help doctors to better formulate suitable treatment plans for patients to a certain extent.

Since it is so efficient, why is PET-CT not performed often?

There are three main reasons:

1. Radiation will be generated during the inspection process

It is understood that this The radiation dose of this type of examination is higher than that of a CT scan.

If this examination is performed multiple times, or other examinations with radiation are performed after this examination, it may lead to the problem of excessive radiation in the patient.

Even if the effect of this examination is very obvious, patients should try to avoid performing this examination multiple times, let alone make it a routine item of physical examination.

2.PET-CT results are not necessarily accurate


The results detected by PET-CT may be biased.

Specifically, PET-CT mainly uses the metabolism of drugs in the human body to detect The activity of the tumor is judged, and then the tumor disease is diagnosed based on the activity.

However, some tumors look similar to normal tissue, while some non-tumor inflammatory responses will show Therefore, PET-CT examination may be confused by these two conditions, resulting in misdiagnosis of the results.

In addition, the location of many tumors is relatively hidden, and the volume comparison Therefore, it is difficult to detect tumors accurately by using PET-CT method in time.

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3. Expensive

Considering the cost-effectiveness, the cost of a PET-CT examination is 8,000~10,000 yuan, compared with other anti-cancer screenings , spending so much money to do a test with uncertain results, the cost-effectiveness is too low.

At the same time, PET-CT cannot replace gastrointestinal endoscopy, CT, MRI and other inspection methods. Therefore, this Why is it not recommended to use PET-CT as a cancer screening method for ordinary people.

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