Pay attention to oral health and stay away from oral cancer

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Liu Hao, Ph.D., Chief Physician, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, He is currently the President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Stomatological Hospital. He is also the executive director of the Chinese Stomatological Association, the standing member of the Oral Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the member of the National Oral Teaching Steering Committee, the vice president of the Tianjin Stomatological Association, the vice chairman of the Tianjin Oral Quality Control Center, and the oral and maxillofacial of the Tianjin Stomatological Association. Chairman of the surgical committee. Specializes in the prevention and diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial malignant tumors.

In this issue of “Famous Doctors Lecture Hall”, we invited Liu Hao, the director of Tianjin Stomatological Hospital and an expert in maxillofacial, oral and maxillofacial surgery, to discuss the classification of oral tumors, the causes of occurrence and how to care for the oral cavity. Health and a series of questions to answer for the public.

Oral tumors can be life-threatening

Liu Hao introduced that oral tumors may sound “unpopular”, but they are not far from people, and their incidence rate 1 in 100,000 to 4 in 100,000. Some time ago, 36 colleges and universities in 26 regions of the country did a statistic, and oral malignant tumors accounted for 8.2% of systemic malignant tumors.

Speaking of oral tumors, it may not be as “notorious” as lung cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer, but if it is not taken seriously, it will also endanger people’s lives. And oral cancer is only a general term, which can be subdivided into lip cancer, tongue cancer, mouth and cheek cancer, gum cancer and so on. If a patient develops an advanced oral malignancy, the 5-year survival rate is only 50% to 60%.

“Although they are both cancers, some oral tumors are superficial. People may feel a foreign body in their mouth when brushing their teeth or eating, and then go to the hospital to be diagnosed. Some people Even when filling and dentures are performed, the doctor finds that there is an abnormality in the oral cavity, and the diagnosis is confirmed during further examination. Generally speaking, the probability of oral malignant tumor being detected in the early stage is not low, and the probability of being effectively controlled or even cured is still very high as long as it is treated in time. Yes.” Liu Hao said.

These groups of people need to pay attention

Liu Hao said that the occurrence of oral cancer is related to many factors, and the most important cause is a certain internal cavity. Some parts or wounds are stimulated by repeated friction, resulting in hyperplasia and malignant transformation. For example, people who smoke often are prone to lip cancer, because the temperature of cigarettes will gradually increase after lighting, and repeated heat stimulation of the lips may lead to cancer. People who often drink strong liquor are prone to oral cancer, because strong liquor can irritate the tongue, bottom of the mouth, gums and other parts. People who love to chew betel nut are prone to oral cancer, because betel nut contains alkaloids, and its active ingredients will thicken and harden the oral mucosa. If you continue to repeatedly stimulate the oral mucosa, it may cause cancer. There are also some betel nut may be added with some slaked lime, which will cause damage to the oral mucosa, so betel nut has been clearly identified as a carcinogen.

Liu Hao suggested that there are several groups of people who need special attention, one is the people with “worm teeth”. The so-called “bug teeth” are caries. After caries, the complete crown may become a residual crown. At this time, there may be some sharp edges or cusps around the residual crown. When eating, the tongue and these sharp edges or cusps may appear. Repeated contact and friction of the cusps may form traumatic ulcers, and if they are allowed to develop, they may become cancerous. There is also a group of people. There are some epithelial remnants in the teeth during the development process. These epithelial remnants are stimulated in the jaw by the outside world, causing their degeneration. As they age, they may become cysts or tumors. In addition, some people who use poor restorations are also prone to oral cancer. Some people try to find a place to install their teeth for cheap, but they don’t know that harmful substances may corrode the gums, which may lead to cancer.

If you have a disease, treat it early and avoid the taboo

The treatment of oral malignant tumor is the same as other tumors, which pays attention to early detection, early intervention and early treatment. , radiotherapy and chemotherapy mainly, other immunotherapy, hypothermia treatment, etc. However, some people are somewhat taboo after suffering from oral tumors. For example, some people suffer from jaw tumors and need to remove part or half of the jawbone, and these people worry about affecting the subsequent quality of life. Liu Hao said that with the development of medical technology, this problem now has a solution. For tissue defects caused by tumor resection, free skin flaps can be used to repair them, and the effect is very good. For example, after jaw removal surgery, doctors can “take materials” from other parts of the patient’s body for transplantation, and if successful, new teeth can be planted on the transplanted bone. In this way, the patient’s face will not experience obvious atrophy and collapse after the operation, and at the same time, the functional function of the jaw can be restored, which greatly improves the patient’s quality of life. Liu Hao reminded that patients with oral tumors must be treated in a timely manner as prescribed by a doctor.

Pay attention to oral health every day

At the end of the interview, Liu Hao once again reminded the public to pay attention to oral health. “First of all, remember to rinse your mouth after eating, master the correct use of dental floss, and brush your teeth for three minutes each time in the morning and evening. These are the most basic oral health knowledge.” Liu Hao said, in addition, you can With the help of some tools, such as electric toothbrushes, electric irrigators, etc., these auxiliary devices are beneficial to oral health. Second, to get rid of bad habits, especially smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut. Again, it is necessary to regularly go to a regular dental hospital for oral examinations. In addition, Liu Hao specially reminded that ordinary oral ulcers generally heal themselves within 7 to 14 days. If there are repeated ulcers in a certain part of the oral cavity, it does not heal for a long time, or even the wound surface expands, it is necessary to be vigilant. Beware of oral tumors “coming to the door”, and you should go to the hospital for oral and maxillofacial surgery as soon as possible.