There is a kind of pain called oral ulcer: supplementing vitamin C does not work, it is more reliable to use 4 types of drugs

How painful are mouth ulcers?

@Xuan: Oral ulcers started to grow a week after giving birth, sometimes two or three at a time, just right and new ones, which lasted for nearly a year. Looking back now, the painful feeling is still vivid in my mind, like being stabbed by a knife. At that time, I was so depressed that I wanted to die.

@It’s like a lifetime: People with oral ulcers come to report all the year round. I have been suffering from oral ulcers from big to small, and my tongue, mouth wall, gums and throat are all long. However, this pain can only be understood by those who are sympathetic to each other.

1. Why do oral ulcers come to you?

Oral ulcers, medically known as “Aphthous ulcers”, are a common oral disease.Occurs on the inside of the lips and on the upper jaw , gums, tongue and inner cheeksand other mucous membranes.

Oral ulcers are shaped like a round or oval pelvic floor, the hollow in the middle is yellow and the edges are raised in red< /span>, and severe pain, especially when brushing or eating.

The exact cause of oral ulcers has not been clarified, but it is believed that it may be related to the following factors:

·genetic factors

if both parents have a history of recurrent oral ulcers , then their children are 80%-90% likely to suffer from oral ulcers; if only one parent has a history of the disease, then the prevalence of oral ulcers in children is about 50%-60%.

·Nutritional factors

When the body is deficient in vitamin B12, folic acid, iron and zinc, etc. Nutrients, or the presence of malnutrition, may reduce immune function and increase the risk of recurrent oral ulcers.

·Digestive disorders

A study found that about 30%-48% of patients with oral ulcers will have digestive system diseases, commonly manifested as abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation, and more than 9% of patients will have digestive problems canal ulcers.

·Local trauma

When oral hygiene is poor, if the oral mucosa is not careful Pokes, bites, and other scratches can cause mouth ulcers.

·Psychological factors

Depression, anxiety and other negative emotions, staying up late, lack of sleep , study, work or life pressure is too great, these mental and psychological factors will affect immunity.

Second, repeated oral ulcers, what is going on?

Oral ulcers are self-healing diseases, usually heal on their own in about 7-10 days , and recurring. Clinical data show that the proportion of recurrent oral ulcers is about 20%.

The time interval of recurrence varies from person to person, and most of them are relatively regular, usually after exertion or when menstruation is coming.

It should be noted that some diseases “disguise” as ordinary recurrent oral ulcers , pay attention to the distinction.

1. Traumatic ulcers

Traumatic ulcers refer to oral mucosal , scald and other stimuli cause injury. For example, accidentally biting your lip, an ulcer formed where you were bitten.

The ulcer can be very long or short, as long as the irritant is not relieved, ulcer may not heal for a long time . Once a secondary infection occurs, it is likely to cause swollen lymph nodes with symptoms such as tenderness and fever.

2. Behcet’s syndrome

Behçet’s syndrome is asystemic immune system disorder that causes inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. Oral ulcers are the first symptom of Behçet’s syndrome, and the incidence can be as high as99.5%.

Behçet’s syndrome canker sores have similar symptoms to common canker sores, and people often confuse the two.

However, canker sores in Behçet’s syndrome are usually larger than regular canker sores, and mostly irregular in shape< /span>, in addition to growing in the mouth, it can also involve multiple body parts,such as the pharynx , digestive tract, private parts, skin, eyes, joints, respiratory system and cardiovascular, etc.

3. Oral cancer ulcers< /p>

Oral cancer is a general term for various cancers that occur in the oral cavity. At present, the etiology of oral cancer is not yet clear.Some traumatic ulcers may develop into oral cancer if they do not heal for a long time.

Common symptoms in patients with oral cancer include persistent bad breath, persistent mouth sores, loose teeth, difficulty moving the tongue, sore throat, chewing or swallowing Difficulties, etc.

Oral cancer oral ulcers are characterized by large ulcers and difficult to heal for more than 3 weeks, the pain is obvious, the patient will have a lump on the cheek, and there will be white or red spots on the tongue, gums or oral mucosa. If you notice any of the above symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Third, for oral ulcers, does vitamin c work?

Currentlythere is no conclusive evidencethat vitamin C supplementation can treat or prevent mouth ulcers.

Dong Wenxiu, a nutritionist at West China Hospital of Sichuan University, pointed out that most oral ulcers may be caused by lack of B vitamins.

B vitamins can participate in the body’s metabolism through enzymes, and at the same time assist food to produce energy, promote physical development, and protect skin and mucous membranes. The main food sources are animal offal, unrefined grains and dry yeast.

Frequent oral ulcers are annoying, how to relieve them with medication Pain or speed up healing?

Anti-inflammatory drugs: common ones include cidi iodine tablets, metronidazole buccal tablets and compound chlorhexidine Gargles, etc., these drugs mainly play an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effect on oral ulcers.

Pain relievers:Common are benzocaine gel, lidocaine gel or spray and Benzedamine spray, etc. These drugs are local anesthetics, which are generally used when the ulcer pain is intolerable or when the diet is affected, which can effectively relieve pain symptoms.

Chinese medicines : Common watermelon cream, external ulcer powder and ice boron powder, etc., these drugs can clear heat and detoxify, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Hormonal drugs: Common ones include dexamethasone acetate patch and triamcinolone oral paste . These drugs have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects, but they cannot be used for a long time to avoid aggravating the disease. In addition, pregnant women, children, people with hormone allergies or certain diseases that cannot use hormones should not use these drugs.

In addition to using drugs, we should also pay attention to daily use Combining work and rest, changing bad living habits.

recommended to ensuregood sleep quality and adequate sleep duration, keep span>Optimistic Mindset.

Stay away from alcohol and tobacco, eat less spicy food such as peppers, garlic and mustard, and the temperature of the food should not be too hot or too cold when eating.

At the same time, eat more foods rich in vitamins, zinc, iron and other trace minerals to ensure a balanced nutrition.

< p>Oral ulcers are very common. Ordinary oral ulcers usually heal on their own in 1-2 weeks, but if the ulcers persist for more than 3 weeks or longer, the ulcers are getting bigger, or there is fever, oral cavity In case of abnormal symptoms such as internal lumps and diarrhea, you should be highly vigilant and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of other serious diseases.


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