What is the relationship between Huoxiangzhengqi water and heat stroke? Let’s be honest: drinking it may make it worse

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Hot ҈ hot ҈ hot ҈!

Hot ҈ hot ҈ hot ҈ hot ҈ hot ҈ hot ҈!

Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot!

A year

We have never been so eager for rain

Check the weather forecast every day

It’s sunny again , 37+℃

Suddenly feel that there is no love in life, all thoughts are despairing

The most tragic thing in the world

The beginning of autumn just passed

The temperature is still a little far off

and you

have a heat stroke!

Doctor: Don’t use Huoxiangzhengqi indiscriminately during cold and heatstroke

In the hot summer, many people are used to keeping Huoxiangzhengqi water at home to prevent heatstroke. If you have nothing to do, take one or two sips, if not, then one or two bottles…

However, a popular Weibo #Huoxiangzhengqi Water may aggravate heatstroke symptoms# sparked discussions among netizens. Can Huoxiangzhengqi water relieve heatstroke?

CCTV mentioned that the weather is getting hotter and hotter. In order to prevent heat stroke, many people have prepared Huoxiangzhengqi water. You may not know that the wrong use of Huoxiangzhengqi water will not only not relieve the heat, but will aggravate the symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine divides heat stroke into three categories: yang heat, summer dampness and yin heat. Among them, yinshu is caused by cold in summer, such as heatstroke caused by frequent access to air-conditioned rooms in summer, it is not suitable to use Huoxiangzhengqi water at this time. And Yangshu is due to the internal invasion of heat, and drinking Huoxiangzhengqi water will aggravate the disease. Only the last kind of summer dampness is suitable for using Huoxiangzhengqi water.

Wang Jianqing, vice president of the Shengli Branch of Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that Huoxiangzhengqi is mainly used for summer heat and dampness colds. “For example, some people drink cold drinks. Huoxiangzhengqi is more suitable for people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, or have fever and chills after blowing the air conditioner, do not want to eat, and are accompanied by nausea and abdominal distension, or even diarrhea and abdominal pain. , such as sore throat, high fever, body aches and other colds.”

In the impression of many people, Huoxiangzhengqi is a good medicine to prevent and relieve heatstroke, but the doctor told reporters that if it is due to prolonged exposure to the hot sun, symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, and elevated body temperature may occur if. The preferred method should be to add water. If you blindly take Huoxiangzhengqi water, it may worsen the condition.

Wang Jianqing pointed out that Huoxiangzhengqi cannot be used for heatstroke, syncope shock, because Huoxiangzhengqi is a dampness-removing drug and contains alcohol, which will increase the consumption of body fluids. The use of Huoxiangzhengqi must be symptomatic.

How to prevent heatstroke

How to prevent heatstroke in daily life? The following points are for your reference:


Choose the right drink

When there is a sign of heat stroke, you should add water in time. When choosing beverages, pay attention to the beverage ratio table, choose beverages containing electrolytes, such as sodium chloride, and avoid drinking high-sugar beverages to avoid losing more body fluids. Do not drink iced drinks to avoid stomach cramps. Some patients with poor heart and kidney function should follow the doctor’s advice on how much water they drink.


Sunscreen when going out

Do not walk for a long time or do physical labor under high temperature after ten o’clock in the morning and before four in the afternoon when it is not necessary. If you must go out, you should take sun protection measures, such as wearing suitable clothing, wearing a cool hat, sunglasses, using a parasol, and applying sunscreen. In the event of dizziness and other discomfort, choose a cool, ventilated place to rest as soon as possible.


Indoor heatstroke prevention

If the indoor temperature exceeds 28℃, turn on the fan or air conditioner. The elderly should not wear long clothes and trousers to stay at home in order to save electricity bills or to be frail and afraid of the cold, which will lead to indoor heat stroke.