Two Rivers First Hospital innovated the pharmacy service model and opened a cough and asthma pharmacy service clinic

Recently, the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the First People’s Hospital of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing jointly launched a cough and asthma pharmacy clinic.

Detailed explanation. Photo courtesy of the First People’s Hospital of Liangjiang New District

It is reported that the cough and asthma pharmacy service clinic targets patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic cough, asthma and other respiratory diseases (including children, asthma during pregnancy and other special populations), and the clinical pharmacists with access qualifications will treat the above patients. By establishing medication follow-up files and providing pharmaceutical services such as the correct use of inhalation devices, it is expected to improve patients’ compliance with drug treatment, increase drug treatment effects, and thereby reduce delayed disease progression and the occurrence of adverse drug events.

The clinic of cough and asthma is led by Liu Hailin, the deputy chief pharmacist of the Pharmacy Department, a clinical doctor of clinical medicine and a clinical pharmacist specializing in respiratory. He said: “I hope that through outpatient clinics, pharmacy services will be directed to patients, fully participate in the management of chronic respiratory diseases, allow patients to use cough and asthma drugs reasonably and correctly, and maximize the therapeutic effect of patients with chronic respiratory diseases.”< /p>

It is understood that the Pharmacy Department of Liangjiang First Hospital has been focusing on innovating the pharmaceutical service model. Currently, clinical pharmacists are stationed in the Department of Endocrinology and Nephrology and Cardiovascular Medicine, providing medication guidance to patients in the department and participating in pharmacy ward rounds, forming a set of multi-dimensional , Online and offline collaborative full-process medication management service model.

The relevant person in charge introduced that the establishment of a cough and asthma pharmacy service clinic is an important measure to improve pharmacy services. It can not only strengthen the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the pharmacy department and the clinical department, but also give full play to the advantages of each department to ensure the reasonable safety of patients. of medication. (He Ling)

Source: First People’s Hospital of Liangjiang New District