If I don’t take the birth control ring, will I really grow meat? Director of Gynecology: Try not to exceed this age for ring removal

The birth control ring is the abbreviation of the intrauterine device, which refers to the device placed in the female uterine cavity for contraception. There are many types of birth control rings, different types The lifespan of birth control rings is different.

The service life of birth control rings such as gamma rings, V-shaped rings, and maternal music is 5 to 8 years. Types of birth control rings such as T-rings and copper-containing palace rings can be used for about 10 to 15 years, and the service life of O-shaped metal single rings and Yuangong rings can reach up to 20 years.

No matter what kind of birth control ring you use, it should be replaced in time after the service life is reached to avoid damage to the body Cause unnecessary damage, let’s take a look at those things about the birth control ring.

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What impact will it have on life when women use birth control rings?

There is a certain probability of ectopic pregnancy

The contraceptive effect of the birth control ring is very good, but it is not 100%. There is still a chance of pregnancy. After a woman becomes pregnant, the fertilized egg cannot Implantation in the uterus, but it will be implanted outside the uterus, prone to ectopic pregnancy.

Often sore waist

Some women’s bodies are more sensitive. After inserting the birth control ring in the body, it will cause the uterus to contract, which in turn will cause symptoms of back pain.

There is a certain probability of falling off

After the IUD is placed in the body, it is easy to cause uterine contraction and rejection. The first period after the placement is the menstrual period, and the IUD may fall off in women In this case, be more careful.

Irregular menstruation

After a woman puts the birth control ring, it takes about three months for the body to adjust. During this period of time, the endometrium will be compressed by the birth control ring, causing inflammation of some cells and tissues in the uterus, leading to menstrual disorders and increased leucorrhea secretion. After the running-in period, these abnormalities can be alleviated.


If you don’t take the birth control ring, will you really grow fat?

Many people have doubts about whether the birth control ring will grow into the flesh, or see After seeing some cases of growing into the flesh, I thought it was just a case, and such a situation would not happen to me. What is the truth?

The director of the gynecology department said that if the birth control ring is not taken out, it will really grow into the flesh, because women after menopause , due to factors such as ovarian function decline and insufficient estrogen secretion, the volume of the uterus will gradually become smaller and the elasticity will be lost.

In this case, the birth control ring in the uterus will rub against the uterus and become embedded in the myometrium. At this time, it will become difficult to remove the birth control ring. In this case, massive bleeding occurs.


Director of Gynecology Department: Try not to exceed this age for ring removal< /span>

Each woman has a different physique and the time to wear the IUD is also different, so the time to wear the IUD is not fixed. For a woman, it needs to be decided according to the woman’s physique and needs.

The director of the gynecology department stated that the birth control ring should be taken within three months after women’s amenorrhea, and the age of women’s amenorrhea It is about 50 years old, so it is more appropriate to get the ring two years ago.

But if women still If there is no menopause and the birth control ring has reached the expiration date, then the birth control ring should be taken out in advance, and it should not be left for too long, otherwise it will have adverse effects on health.

Under normal circumstances, women will go through menopause around the age of 45~55, when the organs will enter the aging stage, The best age for women to get the ring should not exceed 55-60 years old. The specific age should be judged according to the time when the ring is released and the material of the birth control ring.


What checks should be done before and after taking the ring? How to take care of the ring after removal?

After confirming the operation time, female friends should take care of their health, don’t be too tired, reduce the Due to the workload, blood routine and leucorrhea routine should be checked before the operation. For women who are not menopausal, surgery is usually performed three days after menstruation, and postmenopausal women do not have too many requirements.

After surgery Do not frequently lift heavy objects and go up and down stairs, otherwise the bleeding may increase. Don’t worry too much, don’t do too much housework, and don’t take too long in the bath. If you find that the amount of bleeding increases, you should seek medical attention in time.

No matter what kind of birth control ring is placed, it will fail after time, and the birth control ring is A foreign body, if there is no need for contraception, the birth control ring should be removed in time.