What is the appropriate weight for a woman over 50 years old? Check yourself, maybe you’re not fat at all

Everyone hopes that they can be radiant and glamorous.

Especially those women who are more strict about their figure management, but as they get older Growth, more and more women, after reaching middle age, began to appear fatter,Especially after the age of 50, it is very common to lose shape.

This will not only affect your external image, but also affect your health The whole person will become very inferior, so the weight loss schedule is put on the agenda as soon as possible.

Maybe everyone We all know that being too obese will not only affect your image and appearance, but also easily induce some chronic diseases,Especially for middle-aged and elderly women after the age of 50< /span>Obesity is indeed a major cause of disease, and the World Health Organization has already included obesity in the ranks of chronic diseases .

Many people especially advocate a word, that is “a thousand dollars is hard to buy and you will grow old and thin”. Since obesity is very harmful to health,Does it mean that the thinner a woman is after the age of 50, the better?

Women over 50 years old, weight maintenance How many pounds is more healthy and suitable?

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After 50 years old, why do women tend to gain weight easily?

Basal metabolic rate decreased

It is an undeniable fact that women tend to gain weight after the age of 50, In fact, this is a normal phenomenon caused by aging.

Basal metabolic rate is relatively high when you are young, energy can be consumed quickly, weight Naturally, it can also be more stable, which is one of the main reasons why many young people are always proudthat they will not gain weight no matter what they eat.

But after the age of 50, people’s basal metabolic rate will be lower than that of younger The consumption of calories will also be reduced. If you still eat like young people, It is natural to be prone to obesity.

Dietary reasons< /p>

Diet is also a major contributor to obesity under normal circumstances,Many people lose weight when they are young It has become a habit of not eating in the morning, and eating more at dinner.

Once this eating habit reaches middle age, it has not been changed, and it is always big fish and big meat ,It is easy to accumulate fat in the long run, which will lead to obesity.

Affected by hormones

Menopause women There is a very significant change in the body, that is, the ovarian function declines, and the level of estrogen secretion is greatly reduced, which will increase the level of male hormones. /span>

Androgens can stimulate the production of buttocks and subcutaneous fat,In addition, androgens can promote The formation of central obesity.

So women over 50 years old, waist and The abdominal muscles will hurt more, which will also easily form what we all call an “apple-shaped figure”.


Relationship between body weight and lifespan discovered?

The vast majority of female friends especially hope that they can become a lightning bolt, so that You can let yourself wear the clothes you particularly like, and you can also become a beautiful landscape in people’s eyes,But in fact, being too thin will not bring benefits to your health.

According to a previous report published by the famous medical journal “The Lancet”

  • Obese women have better life expectancy than those of ideal weight, study shows 3.5 years less;
  • The life expectancy of obese men is 4.2 years less than those of weight influencers;< /span>
  • Women who were underweight also lived 4.5 years less than those who were of ideal weight.

This means that whether it is overweight or underweight, it will easily lead to women life expectancy is shortened by about 4 years.

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Women over 50 years old, what is the appropriate weight? Check yourself, maybe you are not fat at all Obesity is prone to occur, but the weight does not mean that the thinner the better, otherwise it will easily affect your physical health.

But according to the height of women, the standard of weight is also different, so In our daily life, we can use the body mass index to judge whether the individual’s weight has reached the standard.

The specific calculation formula of BMI:BMI Calculation formula: index = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) squared.

The normal range of BMI is 18.5~23.9,If the value is Between 24~27.9, it means that the weight is overweight; if the value is above 28, it means that the weight is obese; If the value is in Below 18.5, it means that the body is too thin and needs to be properly supplemented with nutrients to gain weight.

For example, if your height is 1.63 meters and your weight is 70 kg, then your body mass index is 26.34, indicating that your weight is overweight.Need Take reasonable measures to control your weight and try to keep your weight within 60 kg.


morning Different from the weight you weigh at night, how do you figure out how many catties you have?

1. First of all, you can choose an accurate electronic scale and place the electronic scale on a flat ground, and wooden floors and carpets may affect the final value;

2. Choose a fixed time to weigh yourself. It is recommended that you weigh yourself on an empty stomach after defecating in the morning;

3. Stand up straight and relax when weighing. In order to ensure accurate weight, you can also weigh several times until the number is reached. no longer change.

Under normal circumstances,The body weight fluctuates by 2~5 catties in the morning and evening It’s all a very normal phenomenon.

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How should middle-aged women lose weight healthily?

Appropriate exercise< /p>

Proper exercise can not only consume fat and calories in the body, but also promote metabolism and digestion to a certain extent,< strong>This is a very healthy way to lose weight.

But everyone also needs to pay attention< span>, women will be prone to osteoporosis after the age of 50, so when exercising, try to choose low-intensity aerobic exercise, so as to avoid Unexpected problems arise.

Never diet

After dieting to lose weight, hypoglycemia is prone to occur,And it will easily reduce your immunity and resistance , Not only is it not conducive to weight loss, but it is also easy to bring diseases.

Recommended to everyone During the weight loss period, eat three meals a day regularly, eat 7 minutes full for each meal, and eat more low-calorie, low-calorie, and high-protein foods.

Refused to stay up late

After the age of 50, many women will always suffer from frequent insomnia or staying up late. It will reduce the quality of sleep of the individual, and also affect the normal metabolism of the body, which will lead to obesity.

So after a woman is over 50, no matter whether she needs to lose weight , try to reduce the frequency of staying up late, only in this way can our body return to normal, and can also protect our health more effectively span>.

Conclusion: It is very good for women to maintain a normal weight after the age of 50. It is not recommended for everyone to be overweight. It is not recommended that you pay attention to the above-mentioned things after your birthday, so that you can better help yourself and maintain a healthy body and weight.