Party building + publicity, Weifang Women’s Federation enters thousands of households with lectures to promote learning

Weifang Daily News Weifang Financial News Recently, Weifang Women’s Federation has fully Give full play to the advantages of organization, position, and carrier, take party building as the guide, party members and cadres in the system take the lead in demonstration, and the executive committee of the women’s federation extensively participates. It is oriented to women and based on families. It conducts more than 2,600 lectures in a “small and flexible” way, effectively promoting the The spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has penetrated into the hearts of women and entered thousands of households.

Build an excellent team and gather together the strength of publicity. Organize women from all walks of life to study and implement the symposium on the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as soon as possible, invite Comrade Yang Shouwei to preach and exchange, and give full play to the exemplary role of female party representatives. A total of 16 women’s publicity groups with party members and female cadres and women’s federation executive committee members as the backbone have been established layer by layer, and outstanding female models and family models have been recruited to participate in them, forming a women’s publicity force that is linked from top to bottom and covers every village. At the same time, innovatively launched the theme of “Looking for the Party’s Daughter to Follow the Party Forever” and deeply excavated and recorded the vivid deeds of more than 680 female veteran party members, and invited the old party members to participate in the presentation, “showing their own experiences” to influence and inspire women.

Activate the form to enhance the effectiveness of preaching. Carry out preaching at the same time as serving, deeply integrate women’s great learning and great preaching with women’s volunteer caring services, rely on the national civilized practice of women’s volunteer sunshine station, the first women’s volunteer sharing station demonstration street and other characteristic positions, actively solve problems for the masses and do practical things, and at the same time “Small and flexible” to publicize and preach anytime and anywhere in the language of the common people, and continuously deepen the “courtyard preaching”, “old sisters’ small theater”, “ten minutes before the dance” and other popular publicity and education brands, with “real” content and “lively” methods “, expressing “fresh”, sending the party’s care to women, making the preaching more down-to-earth and warmer.

Extend Tentacles, expand the coverage of publicity. Focus on online and offline linkages, relying on women’s micro-homes, beautiful courtyards and other women’s mass gathering places offline, promote the party’s innovative theory to penetrate into the hearts of women and become a household name, and continuously improve the pertinence and accuracy of women’s ideological and political leadership; online innovation Explore the establishment of a “cloud” her lecture hall, where party members and cadres become network anchors, and live broadcast and interactive lectures are integrated and carried out successively. Dozens of online themed presentations were held on the “cloud”, and more than 200,000 people listened to and watched them, achieving zero-distance presentations.

Weifang Daily Media Reporter: Wang Yuan/Wentu

Correspondent: Yan Pengcheng

Editor in charge: Feng Xiaojian