Life is like a cup of tea, there is pain and there is fragrance

One’s life is destined to experience a lot. A section of the road, full of laughter; a section of the road, tears of grievance; a section of the road, ignorant persistence; a section of the road, confused choice; the abundance of life lies in the compassion of the heart, and the beauty of life comes from a normal heart. Don’t need to refine, do things in a down-to-earth manner, and be a simple person.

A bitter person said to the Zen master: “I Can’t let go of some things, can’t let go of some people.” The Zen master said: “There is nothing that can’t be let go.” The suffering person said: “But I just can’t let go.” The Zen master asked him to hold a teacup, and then poured it into it. Pour hot water until it overflows. The sufferer was so hot that he let go of his hand immediately. The Zen master said: “In fact, there is nothing in this world that you can’t let go of. When it hurts, you will let it go naturally.


Life is like tea, and only when there is pain can it be fragrant. When you are proud, you must learn to look down on yourself; when you are frustrated, You must learn to endure loneliness and try to settle yourself. Always float on the surface of life, unable to appreciate the happiness of life. Above others, treat others as human beings; below others, treat yourself as human beings.

Life should be both light and Taste. The world is too noisy, you can’t stand the toss of heavy tastes, it’s best to care less about everything, less disputes, and don’t squeeze into the narrow place if you can go wide. Some things, some feelings, I’d rather take it lightly and eat salty , to be an indifferent and quiet elegant person. However, avoid being bland, that is, losing interest and pursuit of anything. Those who have no predestined relationship with oneself, come and go with others, that is insipid; those who have a predestined relationship with themselves, cherish themselves, and then have a taste.

There are two kinds of people in the world, One kind of person becomes disheartened once hit, and sinks down from then on; another kind of person will always find a smoother and brighter road after struggling with setbacks.

No matter how perfect you are, some people will be dissatisfied with you, and some will make you bored. There is no need to be strict with people, and there is no need to be harsh on the people there, what to do, have the greatest hope, and make the last effort, but plan for the worst and maintain the best mentality.

Hegel said in “Philosophy of Life”: When a young death row prisoner was being led to the execution ground, an old lady who was watching suddenly said: : “Look, how beautiful and charming his golden hair is! After hearing this, the young man who was about to die bowed deeply to the old lady, and said loudly with tears in his eyes: “If there were more people like you around, I might not be where I am today.” “Charity is not just about money, try to say a thoughtful love language to the people around you!

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