Choosing a pot and giving it as a gift is very particular, and such a pot must not be given as a gift.

Gift-giving is more popular in our country. Zisha teapot has both practicality and artistry, and has become the best choice for many people to give gifts.

I bought a bad pot and gave it to someone else, which made me and the recipient unhappy. The choice of pots for gifts is very particular, and you must avoid minefields. The following pots should never be given as gifts.

01, The shape is too weird

There are many shapes of Zisha teapots. In addition to classic teapots, there are also many rare and rare teapots made by Zisha masters. Although they are strange in appearance and shape, they also have a unique artistic style.

▲Jiang Rong’s toad lotus pot Kit Kat Chic

Nowadays, in order to attract attention, many businesses in the market “find another way” and create some “fancy but not useful” “Odd-shaped pot. Unique in shape, but not practical at all. The purple sand teapot is essentially used to make tea. This kind of teapot is too heavy in shape and ignores practicality. It is really not a qualified teapot.

▲A purple clay teapot with a strange shape on the Internet

As far as gifts are concerned, it is not a master’s work, but the shape is different It is difficult for ordinary people to appreciate a pot that is too weird. Even if the recipient doesn’t mind, making tea with it to entertain guests who know pots in the future will inevitably make people laugh.

02、The color is too bright

Pure Yixing purple sand teapot is “not bright in color and not greasy in quality”, slightly moist in the dark. Because the color of a purple clay pot that is really burnt enough is difficult to be bright.

▲Beautiful purple sand pots on the Internet

Some merchants in the market are under the banner of “handmade by famous purple sand masters”, using mud other than purple sand, and using drawn embryos or grouting process, Hundreds of pot bodies are easily assembled a day, and then the pots, handles, streamers, etc. made by the assembly line are spliced ​​together, and the gorgeous mud is sprayed and fired. Such industrial pots will make the eyes of beginners blurred.

These colors are too bright It is very likely that chemical raw materials have been added to the teapot, and there will be peculiar smell when making tea, which will cause harm to the human body. It is definitely not acceptable to use it as a gift.

03, Unknown

Zisha inscriptions refer to markings made with seals or knives on the bottom, inside of the cover, and under the handle of Zisha pottery The imprint of the author, orderer or producer.

▲Wang Yinxian seal (part)

Most purple clay inscriptions appear formal and well-decorated, and have certain artistic value and appreciation value.

▲ Jiang Rong seal (part)

The signing of a purple sand teapot can be regarded as a kind of “trademark”. , unknown source, unknown author, this kind of pot is inevitably similar to the “three noes” products on the market, and I dare not buy it, let alone give it away.

04、Poor spout span>

For tea lovers, the most important thing for a spout is to meet the requirements of smooth water discharge and quick water cut-off. After having a good water discharge function, we will further explore whether the shape of the spout of the purple clay teapot is smooth and graceful.

So much to share today , to avoid the minefield, you can also give away a purple clay teapot that you like.

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