What is an Abrasion Resistant Coating? What does a wear-resistant coating do?


A wear-resistant coating is a A substrate coated with a friction-resistant anti-stick coating, the ratio of the thickness of the coating to the longest diameter of said ceramic particles is 0.8-2.0. Another substrate coated with a friction-resistant release coating comprising an undercoat and a topcoat, the ratio of the combined thickness of the undercoat and topcoat to the longest diameter of the ceramic particle 0.8 to 2.0. Also included is a composition capable of forming an adherent coating on a smooth substrate and exhibiting abrasion resistance, wherein the amount of ceramic particles is sufficient to provide a cross-section per 1 cm of the coating formed by said composition There are at least 3 such particles on the surface.

Purpose< /span>

In order to reduce the abrasion caused by the erosion of materials on equipment components, a layer of wear-resistant material is coated on the surface of equipment components to protect the base material of equipment components effect.


1. Wear-resistant coating formed by spraying ceramics, alloys, oxides, fluoroplastics, etc. on the metal surface by plasma spraying, arc spraying, and flame spraying Commonly known as thermal spray wear-resistant coating.

2. Prepared with various resins and elastomers The wear-resistant coating adhesive, which is naturally or heated and cured after being applied to the metal surface, is called a chemically bonded wear-resistant coating.

Wear-resistant coatings can be divided into the following types:

1) Anti-adhesive wear coating. Adhesive and wear-resistant coatings can be further divided into soft bearing surface coatings and hard bearing surface coatings.

2) Anti-grain wear coating

3) Fatigue wear resistant coating

4) Erosion wear resistant coating


The wear-resistant coating obtained by thermal spraying technology and chemical sticking technology has excellent wear resistance. The thermal spraying process requires special equipment and skilled operating techniques. Generally, the coating is relatively thin, and the construction efficiency of large areas is high. The chemical adhesive coating process is simple. Generally, it is only necessary to prepare a wear-resistant coating glue according to the regulations, and evenly apply it to the parts to be protected. There is no high technical requirement for the construction personnel, the construction is convenient, and the site requirements are low.

Abrasion Resistance< /span>

The most important property of wear-resistant coating is wear resistance. How to effectively improve the wear resistance of coatings is a topic that researchers have been working on.

Zirconium phosphate can be widely used in architectural coatings, can coatings, automotive coatings, aircraft coatings, home appliance coatings, wood coatings, bridge coatings, plastic coatings, paper coatings, marine coatings, wind power coatings, nuclear power coatings, pipeline coatings , steel structure coatings, rubber coatings, aviation coatings and some special coatings. It mainly plays the following roles:

1. Remove harmful odor from paint

2. Enhance friction reduction and anti-wear ability

3. Increase service life

< p data-track="38">4. High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance

5. Strong stability

6. Increase adhesion, leveling, etc.

7 , antibacterial effect