The 8 major manifestations of male liver toxicity accumulation, see how many of you have been hit?

1. Bad breath and bitter mouth: When you wake up in the morning, you will feel dry mouth and bitter mouth, which is caused by stagnant liver qi. Foul-smelling toxins build up in the body and often result in a musty and foul-smelling breath.

2. Farting more: people with poor liver will fart more, because the bile secreted and less digestive enzymes, the food is not digestible and decomposed and corrupted in the intestinal tract, resulting in Excessive gas, bloated stomach and excessive farting.

3. More acne and acne: stay up late, lack of sleep will make the liver unable to rest, affect the discharge of garbage toxins in the body, and the food waste toxins that have been accumulated in the body are discharged , has been accumulated in the body and will appear on the face, reflecting the acne that is acne.

4. Yellow eyes, yellow face: poor liver, blurred vision, dry eyes, no God, the whites of the eyes are yellow. If the liver is not good, the bilirubin concentration in the blood will increase, not only the eyes will be yellow, but the face and even the body will also be yellow.

5. Smelly yellow sweat: the liver is damaged, the serum bilirubin will rise, and then there will be positive urine bilirubin, and the color of the urine will change Changed, becoming yellowish brown or dark yellow.

6. Big changes in mood: Suddenly, after a certain period of time, the mood suddenly becomes irritable, easy to get angry, and conflicts. It may be caused by liver catharsis disorder and excessive liver fire.

7. Morning urine yellow like strong tea: too much anger or drinking too little water , will cause yellow urine. The color of the first urine in the morning, if it is yellow like strong tea for a long time, it is probably caused by a bad liver.

8. Poor sleep: stagnation of liver qi, excessive liver fire will lead to insomnia and even neurasthenia. People with a bad liver have difficulty falling asleep, or wake up easily after falling asleep, repeatedly, and the quality of sleep is particularly low.

If you have the above situations, you must pay attention to them!