In the second half of life, three life truths that should be seen through

Some people say: “99% of the social interaction between adults is useless.”

We often think that as long as we treat others with sincerity, we can get the sincerity of others.

However, in the end, we found that no matter how much we pay for some people, it is futile.

The more mature a person is, the more he will understand: the adult world is only filtered, not changed.

A person who is too honest will not be rewarded

A person who is too honest is always afraid of rejecting others’ requests.

In their view, once they reject the other party, they will embarrass the other party.

Not really.

Before a person makes a request, he has prepared two answers: yes or no.

So, no matter which answer you give him, he won’t be surprised.

Many times, a person always responds to requests, in exchange for It is not the attention and respect of others, but the disdain of others.

The truth of human nature is: the easier it is to get something, the cheaper it will be.

So, instead of being thankless, it is better to think about yourself, do what you can, and refuse decisively when it is time to refuse.

Too honest people always easily forgive others’ mistakes.

As a result, what they got in exchange was repeated harm from others.

Generosity is a virtue, but it cannot be abused.

For some people who choose not to forgive, or even “tit for tat”, it is not a small belly, but to let the other party “grow up” memory” and dare not make the same mistake again.

Not overestimated Feelings, feelings can last forever

As the saying goes: “Brothers, you have to settle accounts clearly.”

In life, some people think that they have a good relationship with each other, so they are embarrassed to calculate too clearly in terms of benefits.

As a result, the originally harmonious relationship gradually produced many contradictions.

Emotions often cannot stand the test of interests.

If the interests are ambiguous, some people will take advantage of the opportunity to gain more benefits.

This approach will lead to uneven distribution of benefits, and conflicts will naturally arise.

Rockefeller said: “Interest is the shadow that illuminates human nature. Before it, all the essences related to morality and ethics will appear and be seen at a glance.

Human nature has a dark side.

< span>Interest is the most powerful weapon to induce this dark side.

The reason why some people do not betray us is only because of the betrayal There are not enough bargaining chips.

As long as there are enough interests, they will easily betray us.

< p data-track="31">Therefore, a truly wise person will not overestimate feelings, let alone use interests to test feelings.

A person who is too “optimistic” about his relationship will only increase his chances of being “betrayed” and “hurt” by the other party.

Only by soberly and rationally recognizing the dark side of human nature and the “unreliability” of emotions, can we skillfully avoid testing human nature and emotions, and make the relationship last longer.

It is better to change yourself than to change others

Confucius said: “A gentleman seeks from himself, a villain seeks from others. “

In life, when some people encounter problems, they always like to find the reason from others, hoping that others can make changes.

As a result, the problem has not been resolved.

< span>Really sensible people will pin their hopes on themselves and let themselves make changes first.

Yes Teacher, I think the student’s grades are not good because the student’s attitude is not correct.

So, they only know how to blame the students blindly, but the result is useless.

Some teachers think that the students’ grades are not good , It is their own teaching methods that need to be improved.

So, they continue to improve their teaching skills, and as a result, the students’ grades have been improved.

Many times, the root of the problem lies in oneself.

When encountering an arrogant and unreasonable person, although we can’t change the other person’s cognition and make him more reasonable, we can change our own coping style, not entangle with him, and take a step back.

Have heard such a Sentence: “To change oneself is a god, to change others is a madness. “

Only by focusing on yourself and letting go of the obsession with “changing others” can you reduce many unnecessary troubles, Only in this way can we effectively solve practical problems.


Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living. “

Life is alive, only by constantly introspecting and seeing the truth of life clearly can we avoid wasting time on meaningless things.< /span>

Life is like a fleeting moment, all of a sudden.

Only Only by spending time on the “knife edge” can we live up to this life.

Let’s encourage each other.