What if the cow always drinks water without eating grass? Why do cows always want to drink water? Cattleman look

In the process of raising cattle, I believe that many cattle farmers have encountered such a problem, that is, the cattle only drink water and do not eat grass. Many times we will think that this is due to the hot weather, But in the final analysis, there will be other reasons. Today we will talk about the reasons why cows drink water and not eat grass and how to deal with them.

1. Single nutrition

In the breeding process, if we feed the cattle too much feed for a long time, it will cause the cattle to lack vitamins in their daily diet, and the lack of vitamins will cause the cattle to lose their appetite, so they don’t want to eat grass and just drink water. In this regard, we need to adjust the structure of feeding cattle in time to supplement nutrition, and we can also use it for cattle: Duoweitaibao, which is rich in multivitamins, can supplement nutrition for cattle, so as to restore the appetite of cattle.

2. Gastrointestinal diseases

A lot of times the cows do not eat grass because of gastrointestinal problems. It is because the feed that is usually given to cattle is moldy, and mycotoxins stimulate the intestines and stomach of cattle, causing gastrointestinal discomfort in cattle.

In this regard, we must do a good job in feeding management. We cannot feed too much concentrate to the cattle at one time. If the cattle have accumulated food, we can feed them Cattle use: Food accumulation is too good to help cattle digest and absorb, excrete food accumulation, and appetite will gradually recover. In addition, we must pay attention to the storage method of feed at ordinary times to avoid mold and deterioration of feed

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3. Disease factors

Cows will also appear when they have a high fever If you don’t want to eat grass and only drink water, the specific performance is that the body temperature of the cow is higher than 39.5 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the cow will also appear listless and often lie down. For this, we also need to treat the cow in time to prevent the cow from appearing. other questions.

If the cow has a fever, you can feed the cow cephalosporin to reduce inflammation, and then feed the cow: Qingwen Taibao + Carbasalate Calcium to reduce the fever and relieve pain. Combined with treatment, the cattle will quickly reduce their fever. In addition, if the cattle do not eat grass after the fever has disappeared, it can be given to the cattle: Kaishi Taibao to promote the recovery of the cattle’s appetite.

The above is the reason why cattle only drink water and do not eat grass. In the process, we need to observe the detailed situation of the cattle, and then choose the corresponding plan. I believe that the breeding problem can be solved well.