Can pigs be protected from disease with antibiotics? Effect of antibiotics on growth of pigs? A must-see for pig farmers

Antibiotics are an important drug to treat pig diseases, but many people do not know the correct use of antibiotics, which has affected the growth of pigs, so today we will talk about giving pigs the right way Pig farmers must read the method of using antibiotics.

1. Can antibiotics be used to prevent diseases in pigs?

Do not use antibiotics to prevent pigs from disease. Long-term use of antibiotics in pigs will lead to drug resistance in pigs. When antibiotics are used for disease prevention and treatment in pigs, the effect will be greatly reduced. Frequent use of antibiotics will also increase the burden on pigs’ liver and kidneys, resulting in poor quality of pigs.

For example, in the breeding process of sows, the service life of sows is often shortened, and the reason cannot be found. antibiotics. If we want to keep health care for sows, we try not to use antibiotics, we can use: Sow Taibao + Duowei Taibao, to regulate Qi and blood of sows, supplement vitamins, and then we can regulate the body of sows very well.

Second, how to use antibiotics correctly?

1. Reduce the amount of antibiotics

Many novice pig farmers will have a misunderstanding, that It is to put the burden of disease prevention and control entirely on antibiotics, which will lead to excessive use of antibiotics, which will slow down the growth of pigs. In fact, many diseases of pigs are caused by the substandard sanitation of pens, which lead to pigs being infected with germs. .

Therefore, we usually need to regularly disinfect the pens, we can use: Junmie Taibao, potassium persulfate compound powder, sprayed in the pens, it can be effective To a good disinfection work, so as to prevent bacterial infection.

2. Regular detection of drug resistance

Many pig farmers will find that in the process of raising pigs, when they use antibiotics to treat diseases, the effect is not very good. This may be that the pigs have developed drug resistance. Test the pigs. If the pigs have developed resistance to antibiotics, the treatment plan must be adjusted accordingly during treatment.

In the usual feeding process, we can also use Duoweitaibao for pigs to supplement nutrition for pigs, enhance their physique, and reduce the probability of disease occurrence.

3. Medication according to different categories

There are many types of antibiotics. When using them on pigs, we need to adopt different medication methods according to the different classifications of antibiotics in order to achieve the best effect. For example, tilmicosin is a time-dependent drug. If we To treat pigs with this type of drug requires continuous administration to achieve good treatment. If it is a concentration-dependent drug such as enrofloxacin, it needs to be given a sufficient amount of drug to achieve a good use effect.

The above is about pigs Regarding the issue of antibiotics, in the breeding process, we still need to do a good job in the usual feeding and management in order to truly prevent and control diseases, and we cannot blindly rely on drugs.