What are the symptoms of cow malnutrition? How to deal with cow malnutrition? These tricks solve

Friends with breeding experience know that in cattle farms, cattle often suffer from malnutrition, resulting in thinner and thinner cattle. Nutrient elements eventually cause the cow to eat more and more thin, and the physical fitness declines. So, what are the symptoms of cow malnutrition? How should we deal with it? Today we will talk about this topic.

1. Symptoms of cattle malnutrition

Once a cow suffers from malnutrition, it will gradually lose weight, have a rough coat, and lack luster. In addition, there will be loss of appetite, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Some cows will also have eye patches The color becomes pale or even pale. Once these conditions are found, it can be basically determined that the cow has suffered from nutritional failure.

Second, conditioning method

1. Supplementary nutrition

If the cattle are malnourished, we must first supplement the cattle with nutrients, which can be used for cattle: Duowei Taibao, A variety of vitamins and trace elements are added in it, which can meet the needs of the body of the cow. In addition, we can also add an appropriate amount of salt to the feed or drinking water of the cow to supplement the salt content of the cow. Some green feeds have higher nutritional value.

2. Improve appetite

The cow is in After malnutrition occurs, it is often accompanied by poor appetite. For this situation, we can inject 5% glucose solution intravenously into the cattle, each injection is 1000 to 1500 ml, once a day, for 5 to 10 consecutive days It has a good effect. If the body is poor or the young calves are not suitable for injection, you can use it on cattle: Kaishi Taibao can also help cattle regain their appetite and increase food intake.

3. ​​Regulate the stomach

In many cases, the cows are malnourished, and the stomach of the cows needs to be adjusted to promote the absorption of nutrients by the stomachs of the cows. It can also be used for cattle at ordinary times: Anwei Taibao, which is rich in probiotics, can calm the stomach and strengthen the stomach of cattle, promote gastrointestinal motility and digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4. Work and rest

For For malnourished cattle, the cattle should be allowed to work and rest during the busy farming season. The cattle should not be overworked. This will increase the amount of exercise of the cattle and cause the cattle to become thinner and thinner. Usually, the cattle can be allowed to rest more to achieve a combination of work and rest.

and above It is about the symptoms of malnutrition in cattle and the corresponding conditioning methods. During the breeding process, cattle breeders need to do a good job in the feeding and management of details in order to avoid such problems in cattle.