What happened to Sima Guang, who “smashed the vat” in history?

Sima Guang, courtesy name Junshi, nicknamed Yusou, is known as Mr. Sushui in the world. A statesman, historian and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Sima Guang’s works are relatively famous nowadays There are a series of works such as “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”, “Ji Gu Lu” and “Qian Xu”, all of which are precious historical materials. In order to compile the book “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”, he exhausted his efforts, which lasted 19 years.

When Sima Guang was seven years old, he could not only recite “Zuoshi Chunqiu”, but also explain the gist of the book; Smashing tanks to save friends” shocked Jingluo. In the first year of Song Renzong Baoyuan, Sima Guang became a Jinshi and served as a direct bachelor of Longtuge. During the reign of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, because he opposed Wang Anshi’s political reform, he left the imperial court for fifteen years. During this period, he presided over the compilation of the general history “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”. In the eighth year of Yuanfeng, Sima Guang was sixty-seven years old. After Shenzong died of illness, Zhao Xu, who was only 10 years old, succeeded to the throne. The empress dowager in power asked Sima Guang for the strategy of governing the country, and Sima Guang suggested “open up the way of speaking”. Sima Guang compiled the essence of “Guoyu” and compiled it into “Huiyan” during his second return to the court as prime minister, and was also responsible for the final proofreading of “Zizhi Tongjian”. In the first year of Yuanyou, Sima Guang died of illness at the age of sixty-eight.