Banjiudian Town, Dongping County: Promoting the construction of high-standard farmland and laying a solid foundation for food security

In recent years, Banjiudian Town, Dongping County has insisted on the construction of high-standard farmland as a breakthrough to promote the prosperity of rural industries, deeply implemented the strategy of “storing grain on the ground, storing grain on technology”, and constantly consolidated the grain Security foundation.

Right now, it is In the golden season of farmland water conservancy construction, the 8,000-acre high-standard farmland project in Banjiudian Town is stepping up its efforts to build a contiguous, well-equipped, and disaster-resistant basic farmland, to promote the development of agricultural mechanization, scale, and standardization, and to continuously consolidate food The foundation of safety helps guarantee harvests during droughts and floods, high and stable yields, and improves the efficiency of grain output.

Because the grain fields of some villages in the town are remote, fragmented and barren, and difficult to irrigate, these lands have been abandoned for a long time, which is not only difficult to manage but also a waste of land resource. Now the town relies on the construction of high-standard farmland projects, and these fragmented lands are being used one after another to resume farming. 8,000 mu of high-standard farmland construction projects are mainly concentrated in the Yellow River beach area, involving 10 villages. At present, a total of 54 machine-driven wells have been designed, 1.4 kilometers of dredged ditches, 2.5 kilometers of masonry drainage ditches, and 3.429 kilometers of machine-driven roadbeds have been leveled.

Bulletian town seizes development opportunities to ensure food security, develop advantageous industries, and increase farmers’ income As the goal, vigorously promote the construction of high-standard farmland, improve agricultural production conditions, improve the comprehensive capacity of grain production, and bring “acceleration” to the continuous increase of grain production. (Correspondent Yan Xiaomeng)