Shahezhan Town, Dongping County: The industrial park is busy with harvest

Nowadays, it is the season when a large number of vegetables are on the market. In the Quanhe Vegetable Industrial Park in Qulou Village, Shahezhan Town, Dongping County, bright and plump cabbage and lush cabbage Waiting for the vegetables to grow well, and there is a scene of a bumper harvest. Looking around, migrant workers wearing deep-mouthed rubber shoes are picking vegetables in the industrial park and packing them into trucks in time.

After more than two months of careful management, 150 acres of yellow cabbage, 100 acres of cabbage, and 50 acres of green onions planted in Quanhe Vegetable Industrial Park It has entered the picking and listing period. “The cabbage and other vegetables planted in our industrial park have been on the market one after another. The 150 mu of fruit radishes, 60 mu of broccoli, and 80 mu of organic cauliflower planted in the early stage have been picked in batches, and the harvest is very good.” The industry is commanding and dispatching on the ground. Ma Zhenghe, the person in charge of the park, said.

The cabbage and cabbage that have recently entered the peak picking season, due to management Proper, and this year’s vegetable growth period is mostly sunny, the cabbage and cabbage in the industrial park have achieved a good harvest. It is understood that cabbage and cabbage have the characteristics of short planting period, high yield per mu, and large market demand. Shahezhan Town has fertile soil and good water conservancy conditions. The industrial park also absorbs the employment of nearby villagers and broadens the channels for villagers to increase their income.

In recent years, Shahe Station Town has made full use of land resources, vigorously developed the facility agricultural industry and the construction of agricultural infrastructure, and guided the masses to develop short, flat, The fast agricultural industry promotes the continuous increase in the efficiency of the agricultural industry, the continuous increase in the income of the masses, and the “money bag” in the “vegetable basket” to help the revitalization of the countryside. (Correspondent Wang Nan)