What does healthy semen look like?

Male semen is composed of sperm and seminal plasma. Sperm is produced by testes, accounting for about 5% of the total. Prostatic fluid, seminal vesicle fluid and bulbourethral gland secretion Composed of seminal plasma, the main function of seminal plasma is to provide various guarantees for the survival, activity and transportation of sperm.

We can see intuitively What you can see and smell is the color, quantity, taste and frequency of ejaculation.


【What is healthy semen like? 】

Semen volume

It refers to the volume of semen ejaculated in one ejaculation, which is negatively correlated with the frequency of ejaculation. The normal amount should be more than or equal to 1.5-2ml. If the amount of S semen is more than 8ml at one time, it is too much.

If the total amount is less than 1.5 (more than 5 to 7 days of abstinence), the amount of semen is low. Too much or too little semen can easily lead to infertility.


The color of normal semen is off-white or slightly yellow, and after liquefaction, it becomes translucent milky white, and those who have not ejaculated for a long time may be slightly pale yellow. Yellow-green semen may indicate inflammation of the male reproductive tract or accessory gonads (eg, prostatitis and vesiculitis).

If the semen is red (including bright red, light red, dark red or soy sauce color), be highly suspicious of semen It contains blood (blood semen), and those who contain a large number of red blood cells can be diagnosed as hemospermia. It is common in patients with accessory gonads and posterior urethral inflammation, and occasionally in patients with tuberculosis or tumors.


The smell of semen is produced by prostatic fluid, which is normally fishy. When the secretory function of the prostate is damaged, the semen will lack this fishy smell.

Liquefaction time

Semen is in a gel state when it is just excreted from the body, and it will turn into a liquid state after a period of time. This process is called liquefaction. Liquefaction time is the time it takes for freshly ejaculated semen to change from a gel to a free-flowing state.

At room temperature, normal semen samples are completely liquefied within 60 minutes, if the semen is still not liquefied after 30 minutes , is abnormal.

Viscosity< /strong>

Use a glass rod to touch the liquefied semen, and when gently lifted, it will form a semen filament. If the semen is normal, the length of the semen filament should be less than 2 cm, otherwise it is considered abnormal.


【How to improve sperm quality? 】

No smoking and no alcohol


Germ cells are very sensitive to the effects of smoking and alcohol, especially for those who smoke and drink For male friends, the quality and quantity of sperm will be seriously affected. The nicotine contained in tobacco will reduce the secretion of sex hormones and kill sperm.

Long-term drinking can also lead to alcohol poisoning and poor sperm development, so male friends must To quit smoking and alcohol, but also to avoid indiscriminate use of some drugs.

Supplemental nutrition

The main component of sperm is protein, so men should eat more foods with high protein, such as milk, chicken, duck, tofu, etc.

In addition, men need to supplement arginine in an appropriate amount. If arginine is lacking, it will lead to oligospermia. Foods include sea cucumbers, soy products, lean meat, etc.

High-quality sperm cannot do without zinc and manganese , selenium, magnesium and other elements, and their corresponding foods include pork liver, fish; fungus, tea; lean meat, mushrooms; sea cucumber, millet.

Know the correct intercourse time

Abstinence for a period of time can improve the quality of sperm, increase the concentration and quality of sperm in semen, but Prolonged abstinence will cause some sperm to age and die, and the quality will decrease. Therefore, it is very important to master the correct intercourse time to ensure The best sperm and egg combine.

Expert advice: It is best for men to choose intercourse on the day of ovulation for women, and it is best to abstain from sexual intercourse for a week before intercourse, which can be effective Improve sperm quality.