A mysterious fruit from an ancient kingdom? Lidong does this to help you feel refreshed

A mysterious fruit from an ancient kingdom? Lidong does this to help you refresh

Eat winter jujubes in Lidong, and you will not grow old in a year. This sentence is not bad at all. From the beginning of winter, eat a few winter jujubes every day for 10 days After half a month, my body changed immediately.

Don’t underestimate the winter jujube, it’s not small, the first thing is its taste, which is different from other dates, the taste of winter jujube is sweet and crunchy, rich in juice, so you can’t stop eating it if you want to eat it.

p>Delicious food alone cannot make so many long-lived old people in small villages. The content of vitamin C in every 100 grams of winter jujube can be as high as 380-600 mg. There is also a vitamin that is very important to the human body in winter jujube, vitamin P It is one of the important ingredients in the treatment of high blood pressure, and it can reduce the damage of the drug to the liver. Not only the vitamin content, but also the iron, copper, calcium and other trace elements are relatively high, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and control blood sugar. Take a few capsules a day Winter jujube can not only lower blood pressure and blood sugar, but also promote gastrointestinal digestion.


p>Winter is a good time for nourishment, and it keeps the Qi and blood extremely complete in winter. Replenish your energy from the beginning of winter, but don’t blindly tonic, eat a few winter jujubes in addition to tonic, supplement vitamins, refresh your spirits, and look young.