What do you rely on to gain a foothold in the hospital department? This article is a classic!

If you want to gain a foothold in the department and maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, please memorize the following eleven points!



1. Think from the patient’s point of view;

2. Share your thoughts with your superior doctor;

3. Always safeguard the interests of patients;

4. Withstand the test in the face of external temptations.



1. The purpose of work is not only to pay;

2. Willing to make personal sacrifices for work (doctors know this);

3. The concept of commuting to and from get off work is vague, and there is even no “night shift”. Only after finishing work can we talk about rest (this can’t be done without a doctor…);

4. Pay attention to every detail in the work.



1. From “I want to do it” to “I want to do it”;

2. Active sharing;

3. High standard requirements;

4. Grasp the measure of initiative, don’t rush to show, show off or even grab other people’s work.



A doctor who has the courage to take responsibility is of great significance to the hospital. A person’s work ability may be a little worse than others, but he must not lack a sense of responsibility. , you will lose the trust of your superiors.

1. The core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility;

2. Do every little thing well;

3. Words must be believed, deeds must be fruitful;

4. Wrong is wrong, never make excuses;

5. Let the ball of the problem stop at you;

6. Don’t make a big mistake because of a little negligence.



1. Say “goodbye” to the hustle and bustle;

2. No distractions and focus;

3. Quantify and refine daily work;

4. Procrastination is the most virulent occupational killer (to save lives, no doctor will procrastinate);

5, keep in mind the priority, the most important thing first;

6. Prevent perfectionism from becoming the enemy of efficiency (this… let’s encourage everyone).



A doctor who does not know how to communicate, even if he is talented, will not be recognized by the department.

1. Communication and gossip are two different things;

2. It is a mistake not to say and to say too much;

3. Bring the plan to ask questions, communicate face-to-face, and solve them on the spot;

4. Develop emotional intelligence to accept criticism;

5. Keep the big picture in mind and report both good news and bad news;

6. There can be internal contradictions, but the external must be consistent.



1. Drops of water into the sea, individuals into the team;

2. Obey the general arrangement;

3. Only by observing discipline can combat effectiveness be guaranteed;

4. Don’t be the “short board” of the team. If it is now, you must “increase” yourself;

5. Think for others and for the team.



Individuals will always keep pace with hospitals, and hospitals will always keep pace with technology; neither the individual nor the hospital wants to be eliminated.

1. Learn and learn with an empty cup mentality;

2. Don’t be angry all the time, but strive for success;

3. Don’t reuse one year’s experience for ten years;

4. Squeeze time to “increase” and “recharge” yourself (there are many ways of learning now, and online learning is also very convenient, the official APP of China Medical Tribune is very good for one life);

5. Develop your own “comparative advantage”;

6. Challenge yourself and plan ahead.


Low profile

1. Don’t ask for credit;

2. Overcome the mentality of “overkill”;

3. Don’t put on airs to play qualifications;

4. All people must be respected;

5. Strive to match the name and the real, and be worthy of your position;

6. Achievement is just the beginning, honor is the driving force.



1. Reimbursement accounts must be honest;

2. Don’t play tricks, don’t be greedy for petty gains;

3. Do not waste the resources of the unit, even if it is a piece of paper.



1. Work not only gives you remuneration, but also opportunities to learn and grow;

2. Colleagues give you cooperation in work;

3, peers let you see the distance and development space;

4. Critics make you constantly improve yourself.

Source: Adapted from Huayi.com