What benefits can men gain from drinking wolfberry soaked in water for a long time? After reading it, I have gained knowledge

Introduction: As people grow older, more and more people begin to join the ranks of health preservation, and everyone pays special attention to their own health.

With the progress and development of the times, people have also realized the importance of health preservation, especially for the majority of men Friends, stay healthy and strong.

Confucius said, “Stand at thirty, and not be confused at forty.” As men grow older, the shoulders The pressure is also increasing, and many male friends not only need to worry about life, but also worry about their families.

When I was young, I worked hard to marry a wife and have children. As I grow older, the pressure from male friends is increasing , often neglecting the long-term bad life and work and rest habits of physical health, which will lead to a sub-healthy state of the body.

For the majority of male friends, if you want better health care, you might as well use some ingredients Come to play an auxiliary role for yourself, among which wolfberry is a good choice.

Many people drink wolfberry soaked in water, so for the majority of male friends, drinking wolfberry for a long time What kind of benefits can be gained by soaking in water? Then let’s share it with you here.

About Wolfberry

  • Classification of wolfberry

Goji berry is divided into summer fruit and autumn fruit. The summer fruit is picked from the end of June, and the autumn fruit is picked from September. Among the Chinese wolfberry, Ningxia and Qinghai The nutritional content of wolfberry is the highest, because due to the dry climate due to geographical reasons, the nutritional content of wolfberry is high. The most nutritious time for wolfberry to mature is autumn fruit. The long maturity period is rich in nutrients and the content of nutrients will be higher.

  • Growing habits

Lycium barbarum likes a cool climate and has strong cold resistance. When the temperature is stable at around 7°C, the seeds can germinate, and the seedlings can resist minus 3 ℃ low temperature.

When the temperature in spring reaches above 6°C, the wolfberry will start to germinate, and the wolfberry will survive the winter at minus 25°C. Frost-damaged wolfberry has a well-developed root system and strong drought resistance, and can still grow in arid deserts.

In order to obtain high yield in production, it is still necessary to ensure water supply, especially during the flowering and fruiting period, there must be sufficient Long-term water accumulation in low-lying land is not conducive to the growth of wolfberry, and may even cause root rot or death.

Only with sufficient light, the branches of wolfberry grow vigorously, with many flowers and fruits, large fruit grains, high yield and good quality Lycium barbarum mostly grows in alkaline soil and sandy loam, and is most suitable for cultivation in deep and fertile loam.

  • Nutritional efficacy

Goji berry is not only a traditional and precious Chinese herbal medicine, but also A nutritional tonic, especially suitable for taking together with Ganoderma lucidum. It ranks first in the list of 63 medicinal and edible products published by the Ministry of Health. As a traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, improving eyesight and nourishing the lungs. .

The combination of wolfberry and Ganoderma lucidum can prevent all diseases and the combination of bluetooth tablets can protect the liver. Lycium barbarum fruit is very rich in vitamin C, carotene, wolfberry, protein, polysaccharide, betaine, linoleic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients.

Lycium barbarum is very rich in carotene and multivitamins, calcium, iron, etc. Nutrients necessary to maintain health, so it is said that wolfberry has the power of improving eyesight, commonly known as “bright eyesight”. In addition, medical scientists in the past dynasties often use wolfberry to treat coma and night blindness caused by liver blood deficiency and kidney yin deficiency.

What benefits can men gain from drinking goji berry soaked in water for a long time? After reading the knowledge

Improve sleep quality

It is well known , 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in sleep, sleep at night is equal to the body, and recharging sleep is something that everyone must do every day.

After people enter a state of deep sleep, all organs of the body can be well repaired and detoxified, and can maintain normal operation during the day.

Nowadays, people are under a lot of work pressure and life pressure. As the pillars of the family, men have to bear all kinds of pressure and are under high pressure for a long time Under the state, it is easy to lead to a decline in immunity. At this time, you might as well soak the wolfberry in water to repair the damaged nerve block and improve the quality of sleep.


There are very Rich wolfberry polysaccharides, vitamin E, selenium, brass, β-carotene and other antioxidant substances have very good antioxidant effects. Lycium barbarum can resist free radical peroxidation and reduce free radical peroxidation damage, thereby helping to delay Aging.

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Improve immunity

Drinking wolfberry soaked in water often can not only nourish the skin, but also whiten and nourish the skin, anti-wrinkle and beauty, wolfberry. Rich in vitamin C, it can improve the body’s immunity. Lycium barbarum contains more carotene, trace elements and iron, which can prevent aging problems to a certain extent.

Cardiovascular maintenance

As age continues to grow, many people are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, and men are more prone to this problem, so we must pay attention to physical maintenance .

Men may wish to chew a few goji berries every day or drink goji berries soaked in water to speed up blood circulation, and goji berries Nutrients can reduce blood concentration, reduce cholesterol accumulation, help blood vessel blockage maintain cardiovascular health, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nourishing Liver and Improving Eyes

Lycium barbarum polysaccharide has protective effect on experimental liver injury and can reduce Serum alanine aminotransferase, promotes repair of liver damage.

And relevant experts have conducted related research on the dose-effect relationship and toxicity of wolfberry against experimental hyperlipidemia, The experimental results show that wolfberry can inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells.

Who is suitable for drinking wolfberry soaked water?

1. People who often stay up late and often play mobile phones online may wish to drink wolfberry soaked in water, wolfberry is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B1 , has a protective effect on the eyes.

2. When there are abnormal skin problems or rough and wrinkled skin, you can often drink wolfberry soaked water, wolfberry The carotene and vitamin E contained in Zhongsu can anti-aging, delay wrinkles, and help the skin become smoother and more rosy.

3. People with poor sleep quality are prone to insomnia at night. Water, wolfberry is rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium and magnesium, which can enhance people’s resistance and improve sleep quality.